I started streaming recently. Anyone wanna come by and watch me suck at the game Im supposed to be good at?

Does this sound like fun? Would you like to come by and hang out, if time permitted? Thank you for voting!  

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Title basically says it all. Started streaming recently, for now focusing on variety of games. You can expect me to make dumb jokes and troll in games. :D 

But I love this game a lot, and I havent given it the time it deserves in past two years. I do wanna play this game pretty seriously, with my personal spin on it, of course.

So, Im thinking about killing two birds with one stone - but having the community feedback means a lot to me!

I am going to start streaming in about 50 minutes from now, and Im thinking The Long dark might be a good idea for a game.

 Im also thinking about streaming it tommorow on Saturday. Not sure when though - as I will be streaming Town of Us, a modded game of Among us, on Saturday with my friends, at 18:00 GMT+2 (12:00 Chicago time) for several hours after.

The setting would be a new Sandbox custom game with Voyageur/Pilgrim difficulty and long term recovery (AKA timed recovery set to lowest, no rest recovery).

I tend to play the game actively, traveling around the place, looting shiz up, making outposts, gearing up. I basically tend to meta the crap out of the game - trying to read as many skill books as I can from round the world before reaching the skill 5 in it. Those kind of challenges. It wont be boring "imma hunt and sleep and make 1000l of water and so on - well, not most of the time anyway.

Other games!

Currently also playing Valheim on stream, and am often a part of a community of small time streamers and my friends who play Among us together. I have plans to play Skyrim multiplayer semi-RP run with a friend of mine, Jcbaggingstoa, and possibly one or two more friends if anyone wants to join us.

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Stream was a bit low energy on my side, and the early tech issues with audio didnt help, but I had a great time!

The game is a struggle, had me on edge the whole time! At some points dropped down to as low as 20%, and with my current settings, I can recover 5% condition per day! Still, I have plans to move from the succesful trip to TWM summit after spawning randomly at Mountaineers hut in just the WORST clothing, but somehow struggle through all the way to the top! 

The low condition and very serious threat of death will not stop me! I have serious intentions to move over to the Ash Canyon the next stream!

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