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A quick search in the wish list here reveals that there is no shortage of ideas for what to do with all the leftover tinder after lvl 3 fire starting. Nevertheless, here is my contribution: 

What about letting our survivors make logs out of all that newspaper and flammable oddities (bark, plugs, cat tail heads) lying around? 

The process, according to wikihow, is simple enough: You soak a bunch of newspaper in water, mold it into logs, and let them dry. I´m thinking it could be like a reskin of the Firelog that´s already in the game. (Also taking the liberty to assume it would work with cat tails and plugs made from sticks). 

To further indulge in the concept, I propose adding a paper log press thing to the game, as a rare find. Imagine letting this thing loose on your pesky heaps of useless tinder that´s potentially robbing you of 1-2 FPS! It could be a mobile, fairly lightwight item, repairable with metal and tools, like the lantern. It could even introduce a new achievement/challenge: Squish every single newspaper/newspaper roll into logs! 

Now, what would be the benefit of these logs? You would basically invest a good amount of water and time into something that couldn´t possibly have a longer burn time than coal, which cost nothing to pick up and naturally respawns. Why go to the trouble? 

Well, I don´t really know... I guess it allows you to tidy up your camp/inventory, if nothing else. My best argument really is that every other material in the game has multiple areas of use (gunpowder as both accelerant and bullet crafting ingredient; cloth and metal is super versatile), or at least can be crafted into one versatile thing (all the teas give hydration, calories and warmth bonus, beside their medical application). Really, the tinders of TLD are in conflict with the game´s principle of universal degradation, with their one single limited utility, and unatural resistance to the elements. 



(Just look at him, taunting your fragile body with his superior condition and independence from nature)


Of course, the problem could be solved by simply being able to burn individual tinders as normal fuel, for maybe ~5 min burn time (one stick burns for 10 min, or yields two tinder plugs through crafting, if I recall correctly - 10min/2=5min), as suggested by others on the forum. I find that solution a bit unsatisfying, however. I mean, this is a survival game where the protagonists would rather go and freaking forge themselves some sharp metal weapons to fearlessly bring into countless intimate fights with local killer wolfs, than cowardly whittle some silly wooden spear to keep them at a safe distance. 

Seriously though, what I love about TLD is first and foremost the gameplay (and aestethics), the realism in some areas is just a nice bonus. I think the tinder system is one (small) gaping hole in an otherwise tightly knit ecosystem of materials and tools, each with a distinct purpose pretty much throughout any run (the can opener is probably another exception, I just realized). 

I mean, I would be happy if Hinterland added a region in the middle of Great Bear with a vulcano, where you could sacrifice these otherworldly artifacts to appease the weather gods, just let me put them to some use! 


To get back to my original idea, I personally don´t see the Paper Log as an actually useful item for the player to craft, but would love to hear your thoughts, or your own ideas for the tinder plugs! 

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I think this has been suggested before, IIRC.  I think it's a good idea.  I'd be happy though if HL just allowed to toss all our tinder onto and already lit fire all at once just to get rid of it...  not even caring if it adds any time or heat to the fire whatsoever.

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