Rank the regions and transition zones (post-AC 2021)


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We have not had these for a while I think (?) but more importantly with Ash Canyon in the mix now it's interesting to see how the maps rank in everybodys books.

You may include the (world-map-recognized) transition zones in the main list, or have separate one for them.


1. Hushed River Valley. Just beautiful and barren. Some fantasy aspects put aside, it is as close as the game can come to real survival. And even the magical glowing ice caves are pretty.

2. Timberwolf Mountain. Every building should be like Mountaineers Hut... and it is the ultimate "adventure map", I still don't think they've quite surpassed the feeling of conquering the Mountain. The only thing missing is the freaking Timberwolves! :P

3. Mystery Lake. I always spend most of the game here, particularly in the Camp Office, it is the ultimate home zone... both for logistical and leisurely reasons. Lots of nostalgia too. I mean yes, it's not a difficult or remote or wilderness-flowing as are all of my other favorite places, and it is often _too convenient_, but if I still decide to spend 75% of the time here it has to count for something doesn't it? It just feels like a home, a nice wintery forest with winter tales in it. The only thing missing is Fluffy, she still beats the other 3 indoor wolves in her legacy.

4. Bleak Inlet. The new features and gimmicks are interesting, the weather is brutal, Timberwolves are great. There's one or two indoor locations too many I feel but that can be forgiven. Frozen delta is one of the most horrifying zones to be at, even after you've kind of figured out how the Timberwolf pathing works.

5. Forlorn Muskeg. The only complain I have about FM is that you can spawn there on Interloper, which is criminally easy as you can just hop right to ML in no time at all... well unless it's foggy. There are also too many cat tails. But other than those nitpicks everything else is great! The weak ice keeps you on your toes and I still feel like this is one of those rare maps where fog really makes huge difference in everything.

6. Pleasant Valley. I don't understand the "Unpleasant Valley" nickname it has, it really is quite Pleasant...? The blizzards really don't seem that much of a bigger deal here than say at BI. Now, I am not the biggest fan of the new mini-town they created for the Story mode, even more buildings is not what was needed, however everything else is quite spectacular. The new plane crash site, the rare big birch forest, it has some of the nicest areas in the whole game. The far side of the map is criminally underused and barren but perhaps it'll get developed some day... at least the new Episode 4 map entry way should be there or thereabouts, I feel.

7. Ash Canyon. Now, this map sure had the potential to be as amazing as HRV/TWM/BI in the ultimate survival remoteness... and in many aspects it did indeed rival them. Some of the areas are, plainly put, awesome, and the scenery is quite breathtaking, too. The new shadow effects are lovely. It's also nice to have incentives to head to far away corners like this, you know with the crampons and packback and stuff... because as awesome as HRV and some of these other places are, is there _really_ that big of a hurry to get there? Here, AC is on a must list even on Loper. However, having said all that, I do have issues. First off, the placements of the wolves is just bizarre, I mean on the ground level they are fine, providing some very juicy chokepoints, but I do not understand completely removing them from elsewhere.  Next, there are also way too many birch samplings, reishis, cat tails, and even a chance of bear coat appearing on Interloper?! I mean yes HRV also has the Moose hide satchel spawn but c'mon, only until Stalker. Then, I feel like the geographical features of this map would've made a lot more sense if the whole thing was sitting next to HRV, not TMW. It also has the negative effect of having secondary exit to Deer Clearing, placement which I don't understand at all, it feels wrong and kind of cheapens the effect of climbing the mountain.. Finally, I feel like there were a couple of buildings too many for this to feel as remote as some of the maps above. But don't get me wrong, it is still a welcome addition...

8. Desolation Point. Great scenery, very easy to roam through, some interesting things. Not much to say, it's just decent at being decent. Not necessarily a reason to go there but it's so small so why not. The forge is nice even though I prefer that of FM

9. Mountain Town. Very annoying to loot and very annoying to move around in general but it does provide a very quick access between many zones. It's also unique and has some things others don't, like the locked door by key and locked door by prybar. The area behind the town, uphill after the radio tower is kind of a nice "relaxation pond" too lol. Finally Milton Basin area is a very lovely place to spend few days in the Hermit cabin.

10. Coastal Highway. The scenery is almost as nostalgic as ML, and in general I do like it, but at the same time it always, always, always feels like a boring chore to loot the place and roam around, even more so than in MT. Living there for long term also somehow bores me. The base setups also annoy me as the wolf and bear spawns are right next to them... not that some challenge is bad, on the contrary, but I always just feel annoyed. Of course it is contrasted by the extremely easy ice walking shootout gallery. Finally, the aurora mine is a fantastic idea as addition but the execution is so lackluster it makes it pointless.

11. Broken Railroad. It's okay but I always have to think of a reason why to go there. There's nothing particularly memorable anywhere, aside from the few narrow wolf emcounter spots when entering. Even the forge is completely unnecessary when FM has far superior version to it (cabin fever beating and closer to ML and closer to cole spawn points). So I don't know, it doesn't annoy me as MT and CH do but at the same time at least those two still have memorable things in them, here I am in loss of words.



1. Ravine

2. Winding River

3. Crumbling Highway

The old-school transition zones are all basically fine but Ravine, despite no threats from wildlife and excess of birch bark, gets the extra nod for the rope climb into flare gun & BI transition. And of course the legendary bridge crossing we all know and love.

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