Pretty Useless Goating Spot in Ash Canyon


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Your video brought to mind part of a poem that I read a long time ago and that has stuck with me.  It's about two climbers and entitled "David" by Earle Birney.

"There it was David who spied to the south, remote.  And unmapped, a sunlit spire on Sawback, an overhang Crooked like a talon.  David named it the Finger.

That day we chanced on the skull and the splayed white ribs of a mountain goat underneath a cliff-face, caught tight on a rock.  Around were the silken feathers of kites.  And that was the first I knew that a goat could slip."

The full poem can be found here:

... and an image of The Finger (in the Sawback Range, Alberta, Canada) can be found here:



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