Controller Controls: Cycle through lists in all UIs (consistency improvement)


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The ability to cycle the cursor through lists of choices is lacking in some areas of the UI. This allows for faster selection, which can save valuable time especially on higher difficulties and in emergency situations. In my opinion some UI areas seem inconsitent or incomplete compared to the inventory screen, where cycling the cursor is possible in the vertical category list and the item grid (vertically and horizontally).

The behaviour is lacking in following menus:

  • Fire interaction menu (horizontal)
  • Cooking choice list (vertical)
  • Crafting choice list (vertical) -- in the Crafting UI, the categories can be cycled but not the crafting choices
  • all Journal sub lists

Please add this simple and valuable QoL feature for more fluid controller play!

Thanks for considering!

Kind regards,


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I do agree that the UI could use an overhaul for consistency. I do not find it "slow or unpleasent", rather "near perfect" and the my suggestions detailed above would bring it a little closer to perfection.

I don't mean to sound "entitled" here, but I do hope Hinterland responds to this. Over the years I have posted several constructive improvement suggestions and not once has Hinterland reacted. At least some of my bug reports have been adressed. :)


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Definitely could be better.  Selection of action in some areas is very clunky and smooth in others. 

Prime example (Xbox) : cycling thru weapons or light options while walking and using them = no problem. Cycling thru food and drink or eating and drinking while walking = nope. 

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