I'd like to be able to see all my mapped areas instead of just of the region I'm in


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It would be great if we could see how much we mapped of (for example) Bleak Inlet while we're at Desolation Point. I think this would be an easy feature to implement and would add some quality of life. It's kind of silly to have to go there just to see if we missed something for the cartography achievement, or just if there's something we missed. What do you think?

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Yeah, there's directional arrows you can click to see the maps of other regions IIRC. I think it'd be neat if we also had an ability to click on a specific region in the World Map to see our current charcoal map of it, though, as that'd be more convenient UI-wise.

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As was indicated, there is a way to scroll through all your charcoal maps of all the regions in the game.  On Xbox One, this is done by hitting either the LB or the RB (as shown in the upper right-hand corner of your current map).  This is the same way many other games I've played toggle between regional and local maps, so I'm absolutely fine with it as it is.

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