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  1. Feats serve the purpose of giving players extrinsic goals to work towards, which is a legitimate motivator for helping them get into the game. Not all feats do this well (junk like "light 1000 fires" is a perfect example of how its badly done, but the new Darkwalker feat is essentially how I think feats should work. not stuff you just get by playing the game a crapton) but it's a genuinely good thing to have. Feats also provide a neat bit of customisation once you unlock enough of them. We could stand to have more, with more interesting differences to better accomplish this, but giving pl
  2. I really disagree with this line of thinking because any item could be used for this purpose, it doesn't need to be inherently useless for other purposes to make this use possible. Most notably Stones, Charcoal, Sticks, or spray paint. If Tinder was made burnable, Cat Tail Heads and Tinder Plugs would probably still be used for marking, by whomever uses them for that purpose, it'd just be that their default use would be burning them as a way to make micro-adjustments to fire times.
  3. Co-op gameplay isn't always easy to crowbar into a game mid-development, but it's much, much harder in TLD because timeskipping mechanics are an important part of the game's mechanics. How is a multiplayer server going to handle timeskips for breaking down crates and etc?
  4. I actually really like the idea of compasses being aurora indicators and think it'd give them a decent place in the game. Would be a perfect accompaniment for an update that made aurora effects more important. (IMO a simple change would be allowing flashlight strong charges to stun rabbits, and causing rabbits to come out in greater numbers during the aurora)
  5. I think it'd be a much, much better idea if Tinder was actually worth something after Firestarting lvl3, something everyone and their grandma has been demanding for years. (most likely as an extra fuel source) IMO, it would be preferable to ensure we don't have any items that we genuinely want to delete than just bandaid the problem with the ability to delete them. Having a "Delete Item" function wouldn't be reasonable, though, and I don't see a reason why not. Just have a basic safety measure like making it a click and hold function to ensure people don't delete stuff on accident.
  6. "Signposting" is a general game design term for making sure a player knows what's up in an environment. Ideal signposting is usually seen in Naughty Dog games or Half Life 2, where their level designers pull all these fancy lighting tricks and architectural techniques to get people to behave in specific ways, then go to GDC and flex about it for several hours. (there's the classic example of bars. When you enter a bar, you ideally want the bar to begin vertically adjacent to the door entrance, because that lowers the distance, literally and mentally, between the bartender and the potential cus
  7. I very rarely have an issue with reduced mobility on gear. The poor weight-warmth ratio is a more significant downside, however it's what better-balances these equipment items. Their upsides are that they are repairable with easily renewable materials, and very durable. Getting carry weight upgrades like the Tactical Backpack and Moose Hide Satchel will also assist greatly in dealing with the extra weight of hide clothing.
  8. You actually don't even need to do that- You could probably just make the calculations as to what the interior temperature should be when the player loads into an individual interior. It also does indeed open up possibilities regarding some base improvement systems. Something that could organically fit with the game's systems would be applying a small negative insulation modifier for every window an interior has, but code all windows to give the player the open to drape materials over it, with Cloth being something like 50% effective, Deer skin being 75%, Bear skin negating 90% of that pe
  9. This is definitely true. Game design wise it wouldn't change that much as Water's quite plentiful. I'm not sure about outright tiredness debuffs as the OP describes, but I do think giving Hunger and Thirst more cascading negative effects for the player if they ignore them has legitimate merit. The other Needs already do this: Temperature comes with Hypothermia risks, Fatigue lowers your carryweight, and Hunger rewards you instead with the Well Fed buff if you can keep up with it. I would probably suggest becoming Dehydrated causes something like your Fatigue to lower much faster inst
  10. -200C is definitely absurd (though that poster doesn't specify if they're using celsius or farenheit. -200F is somewhat more reasonable, but still a crazily low temperature), but Custom already has other vastly unrealistic settings like Endless Night.
  11. I was kinda worried that higher difficulty levels would feature a discrepancy here as I personally play Voyageur for the most part. The "it's normal difficulty, so that means I should play it" bias is pretty hard for me to break for a lot of games. I imagine on Interloper lategame you'd probably need to rely on fires and bed warmth more. Regardless, I do think there's some value in making a more complex insulation/interior heat management simulation for the game like this one that might extend vaguely similar effects to more difficulties, create special downsides for certain basing locati
  12. Re. Spears, I am personally against the Bear Spear specifically getting added to Survival. I know Hinterland have been considering it, I just frankly consider making defense against Bears (and potentially, dealing damage to them and hunting them!) so trivially easy a great disservice to the mechanical purpose Bears currently serve. Regular Spears... Meeeh? One would have to question precisely what materials would be needed to craft it. Bow in particular is bottlenecked by requiring a hatchet (a big problem on Interloper), cutting both kinds of Sapling and letting them dry, hunting an anim
  13. Hinterland already have official maps in the form of the charcoal ones. I don't think they should display uberdetailed information like what's avaliable on the wiki as IMO it's perfectly reasonable for factoids like "here's every possible prepper cache spawn" to have no official source and instead be community-compiled information. With that said, the charcoal rubbing maps are genuinely bad and IMO need a full replacement/heavy editing. Obviously they should not have the appearance of a professional cartographer's map, but there are identical "hill" icons for both impassable hills and
  14. Why? First, in a game that largely markets itself off trying to stay warm, it's a little silly that you can accomplish this task by being indoors and wearing a pair of particularly warm socks. Heat essentially acts more like an oxygen mask and oxygen system in this game. I'm NOT creating this with the intent of, for example, the Temperature gauge always decreasing. More like: When your run starts, buildings are about as warm as they currently are (perhaps warmer), to give players a few days to obtain decent clothing. In insulated regular housing, people wearing what they
  15. Yeah, I can get behind this. I would imagine this might require some changes to how meat kg is generated, but I wouldn't think such changes would be difficult at all. This shouldn't be extaggerated to cartoonish levels, though. Just a subtle little detail of sizes varying something like -20%/+20% size.