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Hi all, just a minor thread for a suggestion to Hinterland (with the thoughts of the players adjoining below) about improvements to Fluffy the wolf in the Cannery Workshop.  Currently she's a threat, but as long as you sort of waddle in crouched with a firearm/bow primed, it's usually able to be handled fairly routinely. 

I feel bad for Fluffy.  She kind of stands three and waits for her imminent death.

A minor improvement would be to increase her spawn spots within the Workshop.  But you could still sort of waddle over.

I think it could be cool to give her a chance to spawn outside the Workshop in the outer rooms there and on the dock too, but unable to path onto the ice and such.  

Or maybe there's a way to update her behavior.

I don't know, I thought it, so I thought I'd post it.


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15 hours ago, dbmurph22 said:

Fluffy the wolf in the Cannery Workshop

This post is a great topic and made me think fondly of the limited experience I had with this wolf. 

The good:

  • She can be a surprise-scare upon one's arrival to an apparently safe location.
  • She is a unique wolf encounter in that the shop is rather dark between aurora surges.
  • She does move well in an interior location with lots of cover from ranged weapons.

Less fun:

  • She loses the element of surprise after first encounter.

Thoughts on changes:

  • She could be more evasive and stealthy and/or less eager to attack.
  • She could be less vulnerable to head-shot damage due to large strong skull.
  • She should not be too over-powered, but could just be less likely to suffer a one shot kill.


I think the Hinterland developers did a great thing by implementing Fluffy into the shop.

It is a game element with so much potential and I am eager to see new updates to this part of the game world.

Stay safe my friends. :coffee:

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