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  1. Hi everyone, I'm trying my hand at a little bit of a new Long Dark experience and invite anyone interested to follow along at: Murph's Vitality Playlist In my first video I wander in Bleak Inlet in Pilgrim mode while explaining the setup, which is basically this: The game will be played in custom mode, with Interloper base settings, firearm availability, low recovery settings, medium plants, and stalker container density (though interloper loose loot and empty container chance) There is a manual plot completion element, in which I came to Great Bear to find the Vitality Project. How this works is I roll chances along each stage of this progression: combination safe locations leading to laptop location/specific night/aurora/memory leading to one of six possible extraction locations on a particular day. Progressive Outerloper. I'm using the location decay element I've posted elsewhere in the forum about. Load screen locations (and a few more) will have 2-3 "HP" and there's an initial roll of 15 and then 2 each dawn. If a location gets tagged twice, then it becomes inaccessible for the survivor. Two main manual gameplay restrictions. I cannot light "regular" torches to start a fire, but I can light a crafted 100% torch. Also, any meat left outside for longer than a couple of hours after dawn/noon/dusk will not be usable. ----------------- I'm about 5 in and already I've had a lot of hijinks and strange missteps! Most are in regards to the game start, recording/production, but some in game as well. So if you dive in, you're really starting in a bit of frozen non-hot mess, but maybe that makes it that much more spectacular than watching the ruthlessly efficient. Some of the shenanigans thus far: Initially I only thought as far as making the start location random, but lo and behold it's not really RNG. The Milton crash site gets picked very often. I started a third of the first episode there and decided in the second to make it a random non-safe region (which I rolled on my own before the game), which turned out to be Broken Railroad....and there seems to be only one custom start location there near the transition point. Normally I would just go right into Forlorn Muskeg, but I sort made the semi-contrived choice to force myself deep into Broken Railroad first. My third and fourth video both saved corrupted and this was the source of much consternation. I ditched my previous method and now have a solid OBS method I'm using - saving to a different file type initially. I lost the bulk of the return travels escaping the wolf chute of Broken Rail-land, but we press forward. WolfTunnel Universe is now a memory. In #5 I found I left a very important item, probably partly due to all the other issues going on! I'm already getting hit unfairly hard by locations being re-rolled and losing them entirely. This is....not good. I'm entering the data for the location decay and plot elements in the in-game journal, and in this last video I discovered it was a bad idea to have my "pause recording" hotkey be the DEL key. Fortunately it was at the very end and only a couple of minutes prior to stoppage. ------------------- We are on to brighter days though! But who am I kidding - this is the Long Dark and you can't say that. I know now that the production issues are solved and things will go smoothly on that end if you want to now follow along, but there's a high chance it will just lead to a guarantee my thrilling death will not be missed. Well, that's probably wrong too. These deaths are not spectacular, really. You just die. Hungry, cold, and chow. Cheers and all the best to all - especially this challenging season we are in. Hope this finds you well. Murph
  2. The frustration was that I always knew where I would be waking up when I chose Broken Railroad from the custom game setting. 18/18 times (I didnt test further) I started at the rail tunnel just by the Muskeg exit. So that "never know" sentiment wasn't happening in this situation. I know there are a couple more starting spots say if you do a regular stalker start or something so I didn't know if it was a bug (or streamlining? if you don't like that term) for the custom. I may submit a ticket. Thanks for the suggestion. It got me thinking about having more choice as a possible game suggestion. I dont hate it as is in most cases now but if you did that you could always just choose random to get the same effect that you (and usually myself and many others) enjoy. Oh and in terms of specificity I was only thinking in terms of having a drop down or something for the starting points they already have in play (not anywhere on the map)(...though they could always add a few more if they went this direction :)) Thanks for responding.
  3. I think I would prefer some additional choice ability with choosing your start locations or maybe just some bugs need worked out at minimum. In Interloper I know you don't get a choice and there's only a certain set of regions you can spawn at, though a player can stop and restart until they get the one they are shooting for. But on this issue I feel less strongly - maybe even divided. But for other modes it would be nice to have maybe even start location settings within the region be available to select from, or a random one. That would allow for some additional customizing. Or maybe just in custom mode? The start location bugs in custom are a little tough to take. First you start at the Milton crash more often than not. And also for Broken Railroad it seems you can ONLY (I guess a bug) start at the BR-FM transition, which was the worst of the starts anyway. Not really that compelling a start location. Just got me thinking how nice it would be to have a bit more independence with that as a whole, in certain situations. EDIT: I had described start locations as "spawn" locations which isn't their typical phrasing of the community and creates confusion with item spawn talk. So, corrected. A bit tired today.
  4. I've appreciated your perspective krista. It's a bad deal all around and the people who got stuck being able to play the game and now they cant due to their hardware deserve empathy. Though there's no way to verify I would think if someone now has a computer that can't run the game now. And if they get an updated machine it's not solely for the game. It's hairy.
  5. What an awful thread, but I'm here!. It's full of just straight out sainting and demonizing. A lot of taking up the mantle of crusading for consumer rights and even a little bit of Hinterland - even Nvidia? (wow). "It's about the money" thrown out like some scarlet letter of greed. It's about the money for everyone, to some extent, so that line of moralizing is just straight up silly. These are pragmatic actors trying to control their lives and livelihood. "Control of IP" is even partially "about the money", at least partly. Because, yeah, money is sort of needed to exist in this world sadly (except for Great Bear where you burn it!). It's complex and about the software/hardware landscape and lot of it has to do with control (or loss of control) and precedents for different actors in the industry. I'm really not an expert on the whole thing so I'm going to take the fresh approach that many these days don't seem to take and not speak on expertise that I don't have but apparently my common sense, sense of human nature, and respect that I don't know make me more knowledgeable than most. I think it's important to trend impressions of things and from different POVs. I know that I paid 8 bucks for the game I've spent 500 hours on and I bought another copy for a friend since I got it on sale and spent so much time with it. I've seen a lot of free updates for the game and no DLC. I mean there so many other causes to fight in this world. I'm flabbergasted that somehow fighting big, bad Hinterland and it's anti-consumer rights becomes really important. The world is full of video games now freaking everywhere you can play at the drop of a hat. Just get over it. Now, if the currency of this discussion suddenly became the buying and selling of time to play said games (and other things), then your reactions could never be enough. (but as it is, good lord.)
  6. Is it possible that when they update wolf behavior it's linked to bears? I mean they update "predator pathing" so maybe unintended some of the updates to the wolves also bleed into the bear behavior. I don't know. I know the bears didn't like fire in the story mode, but this seems way to easy. Killing wolves with the fire is the way now, but it's still a little tricky getting the hit in the split second you have when you raise up next to the fire before they take off. Bear just froze there and a much bigger target.
  7. It's a very complicated issue of intellectual property. I believe in empowering consumers, but it's also important the creators are empowered. The perception of the actors involved is always a bit interesting. In many cases Hinterland is perceived as the big bad and Nvidia not so much, and I think some if it is that companies like Nvidia are sort of tacitly accepted as part of the landscape, where the actions of Hinterland or a developer are relativized against the consumer or individual. If they did the same with Nvidia, the gap would be much larger. Of course, it's always more subjective than many make it to be despite what logic they use. Most people are just conditioned and appetitive and the logic follows. Of course, this isn't gamers though. Most of them are exceedingly calm, rational and prepared to listen to multilayered discussions.
  8. I think the Ravine is an instakill too.
  9. Seems like a tough fix but maybe the easiest solution would have the carcass disappear entirely if stumbles to it's final resting place on weak ice. At least that would remove the temptation.
  10. Yep, I 've found a Mackinaw there. And I think in Stalker you can find an Expedition Parka there. But I can't remember how consistent they are or if it's a static spawn. I don't think so - since I think I've not found them there before, too. But I'm not certain. It might be a high level RNG spot.
  11. Nice. I did this same method just today, almost exactly in the manner you spoke of though in PV. And...it charged. And I happened to miss (I thought it was fairly flat terrain, but there was one small rise I missed). I dunno...there's some risk until you get Archery 5 and can potshot crouched, but you need to be using the bow to get that level! I guess trying to improve on long shots is something one could do.
  12. This is a good method, though the changes to animal behavior also included the deer and bunnies. They are harder to drive to the wolves. They seem to have almost a preset horizontal preference at times.
  13. Hey-o, look out. Yeah I actually do walk under the bridge as the ice is fine there and it leads me to laying low past the cannery woofs. However, my subway joke wasn't about that. I was caught in a moment and the fix to the shortcut to remove the wall-walk to get past the scrub led me to thinking about other things they fixed like the predators who were underground previously. I was just saying that now maybe we put our survivor underground and move about, now that the preds seem to be gone from that tract. But it's probably closed for business for everyone.
  14. Just take the subway. Now that the preds are removed from it, the coast is clear.
  15. Great to see in action. One thing the clip didn't show is the survivor staring at the trailer, pulling out the spray paint, and putting something new on the trailer to help anyone else who came along both for survival and for poetry - thanks to these events.
  16. This was the most excited I've been today, getting to this part of the account, the boogaloo about to kick off.
  17. How about the trestle too?
  18. My mind is dizzy and life is so busy to counteract the dizzy, that maybe you guys could clarify things here. Where did things end up with this? There was another thread discussing this as well, but can you elaborate on the settings (Baseline, Loose, Empty Chance, Density). I know some, but I don't feel like I have it down perfectly. Also, how does the new hotfix impact this and if there are any gameplay verification on it, would be great as well. Thanks.
  19. Getting lost is one of the best parts of the game.
  20. To be fair, you did say, Dragon, that your immersion was just jostled. I do agree though that I think the cries of "immersion breaking" are a bit overused. But one shouldn't be blamed for the overuse of others. I do think it can be a good way to think of this game specifically (it's very much trying to balance out many types of being), but many times it's coming from wrong place of understanding (not saying that's you) - even apart from those obvious cases where people are thinking straight sim (it's a basic repeated tenet this game is not). Even those who know it's not that, some make those immersion cries and are still maybe missing (IMO) some understanding of the game's nature. There is a lot of things in this game that don't make sense as was brought up earlier with things like the torches. And there are so many more in any given playthrough where you're like "I shouldn't have it this good." There are other artificial limitations...just like one playthrough someone was discussing not being able to just take the birch bark off the trees. There really are so many situations that are just nonsensical in most realest of real terms and sometimes some inconsistencies within its own economy (but hopefully not too much0 I like thinking about how this game works because it's very interesting where it hits and what it's doing. Most of us already know the whole bit of "this is a survival game, but not a survival sim." A survival sim would be extensive, so much minutiae and tremendously boring. Staying alive is boring work. What this game does is create representations, not copies, similes or whatever. And even for the boring bits. So we get the representation of the boring routines, but it's not a copy of the full experience. It shouldn't be. That representative terminology helped me tremendously. Okay, let's get past that. Going to post tangential thoughts. Some of the "inconsistencies" of the game (at least as it relates to a position of reality) work well in conjunction with considering some of the more fantastical elements of the game. Right from the first disclaimer screen we get info on the wolf behavior. We have the IP. The auroras. The ending of episode 3 (not going to post any spoilers). This game and universe functions very, very well as sort of a surrealistic endeavor. It cross cuts and is couched in a very gritty and realistic scenario and world. Being outdoors. Touching snow, trying to make a fire - almost more real than the day to day life of most, but it's a representative setting with this slight surrealism. There is almost a detailed impressionism in the whole endeavor, to me. The art style is also consistent with that, but I'm not even sure it was intended to be as such. Holding this all together is an individual first person strategy game. What is flowing on screen is a visual board game with decision making and choices. So there is stats and qualities and numbers and such, but they don't always make complete sense, but do they make sense and are they compelling as part of the strategy game. Yet, they still have to be faithful to be representative enough of the setting and experience to keep you engaged. So it's a fine balancing act that's crossing all those elements so I think it's fine to analyze whether certain elements are working in that manner and capturing what's needed to keep the world going in that manner and also being a good game. But I don't like it when there are repeated immersion complaints that either are about "real" survival (many know this) or even immersion complaints that are maybe even overly nitpicky missing the overall POV of where this game is trying to hover at. We all think this is a great game and otherwise we wouldn't be here. Yes it sometimes isn't perfect and at times there are bits that aren't working perfectly. But it's somehow caught lightning in the bottle with this little niche and that's why I think the IP is really liked and they know there's something to it (and keep persisting with it). This mish mash of semi-surrealistic elements, representative survival, a strategy choice making game, and an experience all in this super real, but not always really real world in the snow and grime and outdoors and growling dangers. And "immersion" or maybe we can just say engagement, is a two way game. Thanks for reading. Also I like brooms. I laugh when I think someone thought they could keep this dusty dirty place clean.
  21. Not many know this but.... If you have gunpowder, two cooking pots, a rosary, some arrowheads, some mouldy pork and beans and the blood of a timberwolf you can craft the Holy Handgrenade at Spence's prior to encountering the beast.
  22. I used to find a hammer sometimes behind Spences, against the shed on the outside. But I haven't in a long time. Then again I haven't been playing a lot.