I found out how often Aurora came out.

Sherlock Holmes 18

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Yes, find it at last

Actually, there's not any frequentity. Aurora works on demand. 

What about this one?

Yesterday when I went to bleak inlet to make bullets, I came across the electric door and I was bored. Anyway, I stayed there for a few days, and I pressed the button every night. They didn't cause any trouble because I killed most of them on the hill on the right when the wolves came around. Although the second time they came to get back at me, I was waiting at the door, and I'm in a safe place, so I shot them all and got rid of them. 

Then I read the forum here and found out aurora was every 4 days and started waiting. Meanwhile, four days passed, and I realized that when I first came to the door, he asked me to go back to the radio tower, and the night I used the rope to go up to the radio tower, the aurora happened. 

It was morning when I came back to the door when I realized that. I touched the button on the door again and stayed in the trailers outside the canning factory. 

And that night the aurora happened. So I happily went to the door and opened it without the danger of wolves. But I don't see there's a wolf in there in a ridiculous way. How and where did he get in there? No one knows that, but don't bother me, but I killed him and ate him. And I made 108 rounds and got out of the area. 

To summarize, when the aurora is asked for any electric door to work, the player comes out of that area/building and spends the night in a different position. 

I hope you understand. 

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