Ash Canyon - Charcaol Map - Spoiler !


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A few of the comments refer to the difficulty of accessing areas of Ash Canyon and mapping AC, that is the charcoal map, not the Whiteberry type maps.  (I think those Whiteberry maps are great, but spoil the adventure by solving many of the problems/puzzles which the game is about.)

I have travelled around AC  four or five times on a Voyager run.  In spite of liking to complete the charcoal map I still have quite a few black unmapped patches. It seems that some others have found areas that can't be accessed, and mapped, so I have tried to create a single map for the whole region such that we who are interested in such issues can discuss. 

My composite map is a poor botch-up.  (It reminds me of Trump/Boris politics). (I have done many fancy image stitching jobs and have got them perfect.  Not this one.  It didn't deserve the time and there was inherent mismatching, but the result is more than good enough to serve its purpose.)  I am unable to zoom into this map when in the forum, can you?455087141_AshCanyon-a.thumb.png.aeb0598896e6376935e032badfc43e5f.png

I would be delighted to find that someone had cleared up some of those black patches that I haven't.

Initially I found a Polaroid for the Wolf's Jaw Overlook, and that was a great help, but that run crashed and I lost the save.  When I returned I found Polaroid for High Meadow, but that didn't expose anything that I didn't already have.  Perhaps someone has found a Polaroid that  exposed some other black patch?

I have found this a fascinating region.




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Thank you so much, this looks pretty much exactly like my own map of the region. Tha confirms my suspicion that some areas simply can't be reached or mapped. The plateau above the climber's cave still bothers me, I have to admit 😅

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