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I have said this before, but I wrote a little too superfluously, which probably turnt people off from reading what I had to say.

I have noticed, in several circumstances, that the English language used in the game is very American—naught inherently wrong with that, but for a game that prides itself on being Canadian, it seems counterproductive. Examples:

  • Rumour is spelt rumor on a book about Sasquatches.
  • Burnt is spelt burned.

Amongst other things, of course. I really enjoy etymology and language, and would like to see some focus on this aspect because I do think that this meagre issue detracts from its ultimate goal of being wholly Canadian... Albeit slightly.

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I think the Canadianisms are rapidly disappearing from the Canadian English language... influenced by spell check programs that lean heavily towards American English as well as influences, particularly in Western Canada, from close business ties with American companies in our industries (e.g. oil companies).  While there was a day back when I was young that I was pretty adamant about using Canadian spellings, it's not something that really bothers me now.

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I always took those things as meaning that great bear is one of those islands in the golf alaska that is either owned by the Americans and want to be Canadian or are owned by the Canadians, but the bigger business there are American. I mean Carter Hydroelectric dam seems offly similar to the uka dam. Which was built by an American company on a I believe a Canadian island to provide power to the l the uka cannery, but don't quote me on that. If memory serves me correctly kodiak became an american island in 2004 any way.

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