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  1. Very good thread. This kind of region would honestly be Great.
  2. Sammida


    Really want the idea of NPCs, pets et cetera to be universally negated. It would ruin TLD's entire atmosphere.
  3. I think that it's the way it is because Hinterland had made the maps back in yore without heed to how the maps were connected. I would definitely like to have them righted. Biggest reason: Why would our suvivour voluntarily tilt the maps? The sun is in the sky of Heaven's sake!
  4. I concur. Making one of these should only take an hour or two; three is generous. Though, three hours every few months is not a large sacrifice for interacting with the community.
  5. Having even a meagre allusion that there were once natives on Great Bear would be interesting. This would heavily depend on where Great Bear Island is, though. B.C? If it's near Haida Gwaii or the Discovery Archipelago, totem poles, carvings and other art pieces would be beautiful in the art style. I could imagine a few instances where this could be ominous, too. NWT or Nunavut? Very unlikely, since no one on the island speaks ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ hitherto in the game. Despite it's unlikeliness, it would be interesting to see inuksuit dotted around the map. This would not even need to be a st
  6. *Eats an entire venison, can of cooked pork and beans, ten litres of water, a granola bar and a cup of coffee with room to spare*
  7. I always think about the services of Great Bear. Like, I am aware that it is a very independent island and we never get to see a significant portion of it, but there are countless vital services that just don't exist. For example: A ferry terminal. How did the inhabitants get here. Maybe with an... Æroport. I guarantee not every one who wants to travel to the Island needs an amphibious ærocraft. Fire department. They have the fire watch towres, but who will extinguish the fires? A destination for the trains. You mentioned the train yard, but where would they be hauling
  8. I frequent Stalker. So no, I would not necessarily count myself as new to the game. This post is almost exclusively about the design. I was still hesitant to include AC on the list, but seeing how far it is from other regions, the two goods are the only reason to go there. I am not saying that these regions are 100% useless, just less-so for me.
  9. Regions with only one entrance and exit: BR, HRV, AC and DP (TWM almost counts). Of all the regions, I find these to be the most useless; especially BR, AC and DP. I'd go to HRV if I am seeking a challenge or if I need some nice meats whilst I am in the area, and TWM if I want to mount the summit. Though, for the other regions, I usually never need to go thither. BR, as every one knows, has a forge. This is, personally, left desuetudinous by FM's forge. The only reason that I would need to go to DP is for that forge if I happen to be in CH, though. I would only ever make maybe one late-g
  10. Sammida


    This is what I mean. Great Bear Island is an island (I think that most people have established the Island as being in Northern B.C) and, unlike the prairies, coastal ice is a pain. Even if sliding for half a metre on ice aftre walking served no purpose, it would help remind the player how cold it actually is.
  11. Sammida


    Surviving in nature during the brumal months and absolutely every single surface has the same amount of friction—even ice. C'est quoi ça?
  12. Why has this not been apart of Wintermute yet? So much story-telling done right here! No dialogue or needless exposition! This should be a, 'Show, don't tell,' kind of game, so this would be perfect.
  13. What I think would be cool is for it to be random. So that each time that one boots the game, it has a different background (with corresponding theme song because they are all lovely). Or, they could change based on the last Wintermute episode that one has played. Episode 1: The first background featuring the Trapper's Homestead, etc. I would find it a treat to open the game to a different peace of the game. But I do agree, I do think that they should all be used in some way. Especially with the theme songs.
  14. I was hoping to find it in the second volume of the TLD OST, but it is unfortunately not there.