Latest version of Hesitant Prospect does not remember key bindings

Vince 49

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I encountered an issue with the latest build as of December 19, 2020, build 1.92 70699 S on STEAM.  It does not remember custom key bindings.  In this particular case, I set Sprint to the [R] key, and Reload to the [L] key.  It works fine for the current session, but after returning to the game with Resume, the bindings are reset to the defaults.  Although I don't think it's unique to me, if necessary I would be happy to provide a saved game and other details.

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UPDATE: Yesterday and today, up to a few hours ago, the key binding would consistently revert to the default whether I quit the current game and returned with Resume or quite TLD entirely, restarted it, and Resumed.  This happened about a dozen times all together.  However, now the game remembers the new bindings!  I was trying an experiment to examine how wolves reacted to the player if the player had aimed (evoking the wolf's charge) while standing next to a fire.  During that experiment, I quit and reloaded more than a dozen times and the key bindings did not revert.  I thought that STEAM might have applied a hot fix, however the game version remains 1.92 70699 S.

I have no explanation for this.

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