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  1. That (your video) is a huge amount of work and a big effort to properly cure hide. I agree it seems to be something that might be implemented in the future in TLD.
  2. Thank you for your quick answer. Yes, I meant curing. And I didn't know that the process of curing is not that simple.
  3. I would like to see pelt and guts being dried over a campfire. Is there a reason against that?
  4. I'd like to wish for another key binding: I am missing the key binding for 'Crafting'. There is one key binding for each: Status, Backpack, Clothing, Journal and Map. However there is none for Crafting, unless I overlooked something. I use the keys very often so it would be nice to see this key in the future. Anyone else having this "issue"? Is there a workaround or something I missed?
  5. I know that this mechanism already appeared before REDUX. However, I hoped it was fixed. If it's for learning and the fire doesn't spend heat, then I shouldn't be able to burn myself at the fire either.
  6. In the starting scene in Wintermute (after the crash) I was wondering why the fire of the debris is still not spending any warmth (Reduxl. However I burnt myself when I reached for it. Is this by design?
  7. Hello, I recently started a new game and I started in a location where many rabbits where around. By coincidence there were many stons too After a couple of attempts I hit a rabbit. When I came closer and was about to pick up the rabbit it stood up and run away. I tried several times and run to the unconscious rabbit as fast as I could. When trying to pick it up the rabbit escaped. What am I doing wrong? How do you catch a rabbit properly?
  8. I am in Hibernanian process and left the buidling from the 1st floor and was expecting stand on the stairs outside. Instead I briefly saw the sea before the screen went black. I could hear all sound and weather. I took F8 screenshots but they were black, not even coordinates on it. I quit the game and resumed it and thankfully started at the last saving point. Win 10, i7 4702MQ 2,20 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 760M
  9. Can I store cooked meat in a container that is outside and have the benefit of a much lower decay rate?It would only make sense. Do you know this for certain?
  10. Really? In terms of warming up stuff? I will give it a try. Thank you. Good hint. Thank you!
  11. How many slots/stones are there usually for cooking at a campfire? There two for me and I was wondering if I could extend them anyhow?
  12. There is still no key binding for crafting, is there? It would be great if this could be added. All other menus can be reached by a hotkey. However there is none fpr crafting. Has this been forgotten?
  13. Thanks to all. I will be waiting and keep being curious for what's to come
  14. You might be right. It's a resonable explanation. I was just surprised as Hinterland put a good effort to balance cabin fever or intestinal parasites or stop the exploit "sleeping when not tired". "Passing time" (playing cards) is still available too. It's not necessary right now.
  15. Compared to the sandbox mode at early access the story mode has some different game mechanics. For example: it's possible to sleep even if not tired, skill mechanics not available ... Does anyone know why this?
  16. When picking up rosehips from the ground (I dropped them before) is kind of annoying as I have to pick them one after the other. Maybe it's possible to use the mechanic from transfering items between backpack and containers?!
  17. #1 I wish to pause cutscenes and to rewatch from the menu #2 I wish there was a key binding for Crafting #3 I wish that first aid is again accessible from the status menu (same for putting on clothes that is not possible from the back back)
  18. That's what I assumed. Did hardly find the crafting menu as it was new to me. Do you by any chance know if the only way to curing oneself (first aid) is via the radial menu? It used to be possible from the status menu. However not anymore.
  19. There is a preset key binding for Status (F), Clothing (C) etc. What is the key for Crafting? Does anyone know this?
  20. Good idea to rewatch the cutscences from the journal. I hope Hinterland will implement either a possibility to pause the video or rewatch it from the journal.
  21. Is it possible to pause a video? After I found Astrids hard case a video started. As soon as it started my phone rang (IRL) and I couldn't pause the video. Never mind the phone call. However if videos could be paused (as well as skipped) this would be very handy.
  22. You have to ensure that your body stays above 0°C. This could be difficult sometimes. Apart from this it's the same procedure like in real life
  23. Why are you sleeping naked? Do you prevent your clothes from decay?
  24. Yes, another activity sounds very good. Or think of an "art gallery" in the Camp Office where artists would exhibit their photographs.
  25. In addition to my described issue, I also lose the background sound when I alt+tab out of the game.