Finishing the Ash Canyon Map (spoilers)


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3 hours ago, cullam said:

Hey Folks. Anyone had any luck filling in some of these holes? Or started tracking some of the usable roues around the map?

screen_(-287, 201, 129)_d8cd1fd6-4622-466f-80cb-0696fa80d980.png

My black patch in the top left is much smaller than yours, otherwise mine is similar. 

You have cleared a bit more than me below the Climber's Cave. On the other black patches I've probably cleared a little more than you.

. . . . .


I have just been back and cleared up most, but not all, of that black patch behind the Climber's Cave.

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I went into AC through the cave in TWM Dear Clearing.  On leaving the cave I did a sort of semicircle to the right. It wasn't so difficult to get there.

I now realise that all my trips around triple rope climb, Mine, Miner's Folly, High Meadow and out to TWM,  Deer Clearing were done in a clockwise direction.  That explains why I couldn't find that cave exit when i was on the low level.


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