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It's raining outside, TLD is updating, so I've got the time to do this.

I just recently discovered this game because it was on xbox game pass, so I'm late to the party.

I'm an older guy, don't consider myself a "gamer", but have enjoyed playing Fallout, Skyrim, and a few others over the years. My wife and I bought our retirement home in Missouri, near Fort Leonard Wood Army base as I have base privileges (retired U.S.M.C., disabled vet). Missouri has a very low cost of living and the people are nice around here. 

Anyway, this is one heck of a game. As a teenager growing up in the 1970's, I have actually done a lot of the things in this game. Times were different back then. Hunting and trapping were viewed differently than today. I learned many things from my father and grandfather about the outdoors. Hats off to Hinterland games for a job well done, and thank you.

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