Get me on Interloper some Revolver Ammunition :D

Even Dark

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Would love to know the answer to that. The HRV subway system seem to be the main location for finding revolver ammunition on loper. Though at times you can also find some on the corpse  located close to the BR ravine rope, when it spawns. So where should you look for the revolver? There used to pop up statements about looting a revolver in PV inbetween the radio hut and winding river transition cave but it's been a while now. Do let us know if you find one 😊

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I there used to be a revolver that spawned in the cannery machinery house on Loper, behind some equipment.  But I took my Loper character there and didn’t find it so maybe that was quickly nerfed.  Or perhaps it wasn’t available on my loot table?  
doesn’t matter: bow is far superior to pistol for most situations including stopping a charging wolf.  

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