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Hello folks,

In my latest Stalker playthrough (my YouTube stalker series...), I entered the cave in Desolation Point to check it out. Now I was aware upon entry of the potential of running into Scruffy in the cave, but figured "I've got 36 rounds of revolver ammo and a revolver... surely that'll be enough." Upon harvesting the deer carcasses, I found Scruffy getting closer, and fast! Now I was at near 85% condition, wearing a tough wolfskin coat, deerskin boots, and deerskin pants. When the struggle started, I chose the revolver, thinking I'd manage to get a shot off. Nope... Scruffy won the struggle and took my condition down to around 8%. The only way I managed to get myself out was by taking a torch from a fire, lighting it, and throwing it repeatedly at Scruffy.

If that wolf has to be shot to be slain, how am I supposed to do that? The cave is so dark, I can't see what I'm trying to shoot. If only you could carry torches in your left hand and hold a revolver in the right...

Back when Bleak Inlet was first released, I also tried killing the wolf in the cannery workshop in a struggle using hatchet in Voyageur. That didn't work either. I guess that wolf has to be shot too?

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What I did for the cave at Desolation Point:
I couched down and crept in to the first chamber (where the cave splits into two path ways)... then I set down the lit lantern the "doorway" of the corridor leading off to the left, and retreated back a fare shooting distance.  There I just waited until the wolf was wandering back though and took it down with one clean shot to the head.

Sure it burned up some precious lamp oil... but it was worth it. :)


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Killing a wolf outright with a melee weapon (knife or hatchet) can happen but usually it gets driven off and can bleed out.  That can take time.  It is not a good idea to be in biting range as it wanders around before finally dying - it can decide on the last great bite of defiance or something. 

Always try to take precautions before going where there may be  a threat.  The revolver is a useful tool, but it is not a panacea to the threat of wolves.  

Be aware, if you were not, that firing the revolver without aiming can provide a benefit of "frightening" the wolf if the wolf is at a reasonable range.  A "frightened" wolf does not attack.  It is a bit more interested in getting away.  At that point, an aimed shot might be tried without causing the wolf to attack. 

Good luck.

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Of course, I don't have to kill Scruffy to gain access to that cave. I could just go in with a torch and repeatedly throw it, then light a fire inside... though I would not mind getting revenge...

Are the wolves that spawn inside buildings/caves really tougher than the ones found outside, or did I just get really unlucky with the RNG? I don't get into struggles very often, but usually they're not a big deal except on Interloper.

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I do not think Hinterland would go to the trouble of making a specific wolf, outside of a quest requirement, for instance, different compared to other "normal" wolves. 

I seem to not do so well (though I don't die) in melee with wolves, in general.  In Winter's Embrace, I lost 70-80% of condition in one wolf attack which came out of nowhere (well there was limited visibility, relatively dark, moderate snowfall, but what's to worry I had a revolver at ready 😱).  One reason I stick to Pilgrim mode.  🙂

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