Way how to obtain new rifle.


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One day Astrid did not clean floor in her cabin. She left some empty cartridges, cleaning kit and some metal scraps. She went to some errands. And look what she found. Sprout of new gun.


She watered it for another two weeks by fish oil and now she has pretty new ExcaliGun. She moved it outside. Maybe it will grow more. Maybe she can get a Howitreetzer.


P.S. Astrid expected something strange can happen in the cabin. The cup is levitating there for more than two months.

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1 hour ago, hozz1235 said:

Using the 'free placement' mod, are ya? 😉

no mods used.  this is just the glitchy part of the item placement mechanics in the game.  unless you are making a joke about the glitchy item placement mechanics in the game...  are you?  or is there really a "free placement mod?"  I seriously looked on Nexus but nothing for TLD.

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