Back in the day, I avoided TM for the longest time as I thought it would be invested with timberwolfs


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It's still my 2nd favorite region in the game but I still remember being let down by their absence when I finally did venture up there. But now that they are in BI, does anyone think timbers should be brought for their namesake map as well? Perhaps you could even mix it out and offer both timbers and regular wolves. Or a 50% random chance of timber pack vs regulars. Or there is like a single massive 10 wolf pack somewhere near Deer clearing or something, which you kind of have to pass by to get to the Summit. The wide open spaces of TM would open much wider territory opportunities than those of Bleak

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I also avoided TM for a long time thinking it was some end game stuff... turns out its just a nice map.  One of my favorites in fact.  It seems like TM should have been an end game location, but instead is one of the early game ones :)  Been playing since ML was the only map, and took a while before I got up the courage to venture out of it's safe borders... a bit of a let down when I finally triumphed over timberwolf's peak.  I would be cool with timberwolves being in BI and TM and it would make TM spawn a whole different affair.

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