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Ooof I've had a rough go of it, it's definitely harder than I'm used to on Voyager. But I'm 6 days in & half looted ML & am finally outfitted enough that I'm not freezing indoors.

Wolves *everywhere*.

But I'm clinging to life!! 😁

Is this mostly on par with Stalker difficulty other than the weather?

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13 minutes ago, Serenity said:

Unfortunately it's too easy to overcome that even with low end clothing

If it wasn't possible, then the game would just be 90% gathering firewood. No thanks. 🤣🔥

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I took every opportunity to harvest the hide off of every carcass I could find in anticipation of crafting some clothing.  Ended up at Trapper's and started snaring/stoning the bunnies  and finally made some deerskin pants and a rabbit hat, immediate improvement in staying warmer longer.  

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Definitely voyager level on most settings (loot, wildlife, calorie burn during sleep/pass time etc.) with loper-ish weather although not a big deal as there are high end clothing almost everywhere. They even removed cabin fever now so you can technically just hibernate for the badge if you aren't planning to commit alot of time into this event.

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