Custom sandbox, predator aggression, and auroras.


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I think it would be really cool to be able to set up a game where predators are not aggressive unless there's an aurora on. I've been playing a "hunter" custom game, where animal aggression is off, and awareness and scent are set to maximum values, as well as all afflictions being on and fires don't overcome ambient temperatures. Also, world gets maximum coldness over time set. The goal is to create a game which is oriented around long term survival and living off the land (though I've been using pretty maximal loot settings so as to give the player time to get themselves up to speed on bow, rifle, revolver, and gun smithing skills). 

It would be extremely cool to be able to set predator aggression off *most of the time* while having that switch to being on when the aurora is on; my goal would be to also set aurora frequency to high so that when the aurora is active you become the hunted; being able to for example trap the player in a dangerous spot (I dunno, say one of the entry booths scattered around the island) because they were there when the aurora started and they needed to be able to get somewhere where predators can't reach them but are still aware of them would add a lot of spice to this particular mode.

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Actually, I'd like to add one more feature about auroras to that list; it would also be cool to disable sprint fatigue while it's active, allowing the player to run run run. Let the fatigue meter go to zero but still allow running... maybe even double condition loss from fatigue while the player is running while fatigued, if you follow me. Make it possible for the player to run themselves to death.

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