Bunker Find! Exploring the Tools Prepper Cache


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Figured I would do a new run and as luck would have it, randomly spawned into Mystery Lake right outside of Camp Office.  
Took advantage of being able to quickly find shelter and supplies, so I let myself in and get situated.  

Found the usual assortment of useable gear but no weapons so I figure I better get moving and see what's what.
I decide to make a looping run down to the fishing shacks, hit the cottages and back to the safety of Camp Office.

As I am heading to the fishing shack I see a couple of markings spray painted on a tree up on the bank.


 I check my handy paint marker explanation guide that I just picked up and interpreted
the markings to indicate there were tools up that way?


Curious, I decided to head up that
incline and see what I could find.


After skirting around some rocks, I
found a cairn.



But as luck would have it, I spied another marker ahead and so I followed.


At one point I thought I was on a goose chase but then ever so faintly I could see another marking on a tree.


 you could barely make it out, but there it was right in the middle of a bunch of trees.  ( almost dead center in the pic)



Continuing upwards I see it ahead!   Again the tools symbol.


So close, could this be The infamous and rare Tools Prepper Cache!


I warily approach the hatch...


I break out my lantern and fire it up
before entering the dark tomb.


My excitement at making this marvelous
find makes me giddy with anticipation.  



Climbing down the narrow ladder work,
I'm impressed with the condition of
this lair.  


As I reach the bottom of the ladder, I
step back and take a good look into the
space.  Near as I can make it out looks
like an L shaped room and the hatch
drops in right on top. 



Immediately to the right of the ladder
is a metal utility shelf holding two
jerry cans of fuel, a crowbar, box of
rifle bullets, lantern, two containers
of stump remover along with a revolver
and two boxes of bullets.  Score!



Against the opposite wall stood three
storage lockers. Two of the three were
locked.  Adjacent stood a short utility
shelf where I found two hatchets and
two whetstones,another crowbar and a
good set of tools.  Yay!!!


I search the open locker and it's
empty.  I pop the first locked locker
and it's empty too.  

Bingo on the third locker!  

A ragged fisherman's sweater, an shot of
energy drink and a sewing kit. great


Moving into the main part of the
chamber, file cabinet and desk on the
left and big cardboard box on the right
side of the wall.

On the desk sits a lantern, some bird
feathers, a rolled up copy of the local
fish wrapper and another hatchet and


Checking the file cabinet, all is empty
but one.  crappy fleece mittens...


Desk drawers were mostly empty except
for two cans of my favorite grape
flavored soda.  Yum, love that stuff!!


Stepping into the base of the L, the
space unfolds to another storage locker
with metal utility shelving holding food
and medical supplies.


Fair amount of calories to be had, between 6 cans of soda pop, an MRE along with a couple of cans of peaches, some dog food, pork n beans and a can
of tomato soup.  Knife, can opener and antibiotics as well as the stim pen and the bandages were extremely useful.


Checking the storage locker yields a brand new pair of combat boots.  Time to curb stomp some pesky wolves!


Bed looks dry and inviting.  Looks like the last inhabitant left me some reading materials as well.  Hope it's a good mystery novel this time and not an algebra math book.



Bed is warm + 5 C and looks nice and inviting.  But there's still more to be found and obtained!


On the floor is box with some newspaper and some paint.  another box litters the floor.    A few more utility shelves flank the bunkers now lifeless air duct.
Tool sets are now abundant, two more sets of tools, one being of the high quality type.  There's also a firearm cleaning kit,  a couple of road flares, along with another book and two Zap power bars.  



The final shelf in the room is holding a couple of cans of accelerant along with a few items of food stuffs.  Beef Jerky, MRE, Zap power bar and crunchbar.


I decide to check the grate...


Score, another knife hidden away in the ducting.


I decide to breakdown the crate and the cardboard just in case anything is inside or underneath.



Nothing in the crate or under the boxes.  I dropped the reclaimed wood from the crate and the tinder plugs back into their respective positions.  Did find a pack of matches that i overlooked initially.


As always  you'll find the Nuclear Fallout Shelter sticker promptly hanging in each of these prepper's caches.  Well the geomagnetic event most certainly could have been an atmospheric nuclear burst causing a huge electro magnetic pulse, aka EMP, which subsequently knocked out most all electronic devices, but we'll probably never know...  So the builders of this cache could have been correct all along.  Maybe it was nuclear???  

In summary,  the tools in this cache were almost all practically new and didn't need much sharpening if any.  The clothing was all worn except for those awesome combat boots.  

The only thing missing in this tool bunker was a hacksaw and the heavy hammer.  Not surprised about the hacksaw, though.  Seem to me that I almost never find a hacksaw when I spawn into Mystery Lake.  You'd think you would find a hack saw in the dam but I usually have to trek to Forelorn Muskeg to the Poacher's Camp if I want to find the nearest hacksaw.
Most surprising thing was finding a revolver, cleaning kit and multiple boxes of bullets.  

Appreciate you for coming along on this little outing and exploring the tools bunker with me.  If you took the time to read all the way to the end, please leave a comment or hit the like button.
Thanks for reading!



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1 hour ago, hozz1235 said:

Those markers were already on the trees (i.e. you didn't place them)?

I'm happy for you.  My latest run was the

  Reveal hidden contents


bunker....yayyyy <sarcasm>

naw, no markings... artistic license?  yup yup yup, that was all me.  would have been cool though if they had been right?  might change up the flavor of the game, but then again if you had a malicious map designer they might intentionally lead you into danger!  ..."no, that's not thin ice up ahead.  perfectly safe"...  lol

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