Voyageur vs. Stalker to experience Fearless Navigator?


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I took a break from The Long Dark for a couple months, and want to start playing with the Fearless Navigator update. One of my goals of my previous playthrough was to try and map out most of the game, and with this update I want to start fresh and use the new mechanics to my advantage (collecting all polaroids, spray paint markers etc) so what would you recommend for a play through after returning to The Long Dark? I have not tried out stalker yet and have mainly play on voyageur and only in the past year have gotten a 100+ day run, so should I stick to voyageur so I an explore the update without the threats of the higher difficulty of stalker or test my abilities? Any replies are much appreciated!

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I'm on my first Survival run... on Voyager & have passed 100 days. Oddly I find the game too easy, but the wolves/predators too annoying/stressful. I wish I could play on custom but still make progress on badges.


I do find that making it too easy, steals the fun. My story mode is on Pilgrim & I regret that but can't change it. 😰

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