bear spray


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bear spray would be used as a substitute for the distress pistol

here are its features

1. will not only stop a bear, but will scare it of too

2. can be used in a struggle

3. loses condition over time and eventually fails to function

4. uncommen rarity.

5. 5-8 uses before it runs out.

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This is one of those times that I like the condition loss of items. It's super common here in canada, from personal experience, for bear spray to be expired. I think it would be interesting for any bearspray below 50% to only have a chance of working. You may find some, and it could be worth carrying, but it's a gamble with expired/low condition spray. I think that's super realistic.

It would also be neat if it accounted for wind direction, so you could miss or even spray yourself. I think though that we would need a little wind flag on the spray can to show us which way the wind is blowing as it's much harder in game to tell since you know, we can't feel it.

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