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I think the rates are quite good now.  Even at lower levels of the "skill" I think the yield are already really good, and as we "level up" fishing gets even easier and more productive.  Over a 6 hour stretch I've pulled in 8-10 catches before (this was back when I was between skill level 1 & 2).  I think fishing is generally the easiest and most reliable food source already.  I just don't see a need for this. 


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I think fishing is a hard thing to deal with. If you make it so it's actually worth fishing(you gain more calories than you spend) then you can fish an awful lot and you never have to do anything else for food. If you make it not worth it(spend more calories than you gain) then you never fish unless you need lamp oil.

I suppose you can have lower fish amounts over time which I think already happens, but I really do see it as hard to balance fishing. I don't know how I would do it. And players are so used to it now that changing how it works would make a lot of people upset.

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