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I think it would be cool if the sanity feature from “Green Hell” was added into TLD. You can eventually start to go insane and imagine seeing or hearing wolves or bears that aren’t actually there. Your sanity can decrease if you eat really stale food or if you are really cold for an extended period of time. And your sanity can increase if you spend time warm, well fed, and well slept.

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Guest kristaok

I like Green Hell, but I don't use the Sanity Meter... it REALLY creeped me out! so yea it's a HUGE NO from me.... SORRY.

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I'm sort of yes/no on this one. This is an integral game mechanic in Don't Starve and it's extremely appropriate and well implemented in that game.

For LD such a thing would have to be implemented much differently I believe. I don't think it would do to implement it as a resource a la Don't Starve. It worked well there as it was part of the weirdness of the game.

I think in LD it would be best used to emphasize the loneliness and isolation of the situation. It would need to be more "realistic".  Sort of along the lines of cabin fever, which of course has been implemented.

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