Natural shelters, casualties of the environment.


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I was fighting my way through a blizzard that appeared out of nowhere, trying to get to the trappers homestead. The wind was so strong that I couldn't walk into it, and my character was chilled to the bone in seconds. Fortunately I found a spot where windchill was reduced, and started a fire. Even that didn't help much.

In the end, I had to huddle in this snowy crevice next to a blazing fire and a lit storm lantern to keep myself from freezing.

Although I survived the ordeal, I would like to see more natural shelters present.

Examples would include (I have marked a map to show where they would be found):

~1 A hollow log, rotted to the core, large enough to crawl inside, but no fire can be lit (wooden surfaces catch fire)

~2 Hollow created by an uprooted tree, can have a fire, reduces windchill to 0

~3 A small ice cave, formed by a sheet of ice collapsing down the hill. Lighting a fire in here may cause it to collapse completely (rumbling sound, screen goes dark and you get informed that you died from being crushed to death)

~4 A space behind a pile of boulders half embedded in the hillside. May have a wolf inside (wolf den)

~5 A fairly deep crevice in the mountainside. Protects from eastern, southern and western winds, fire can be lit here safely.

May (very very very rarely) contain a bear.

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