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  1. Thank you for so quick fix! Fixed in v.332
  2. Thank you for so quick fix! Fixed in v.332
  3. Hello! Make button bigger or swap text in the buttons on the death screen with statistics, because text in the buttons overlaps:
  4. Ohh... I haven't test it ))) Will you return it in the future?
  5. Hello! In the translation table there is no a key for that phrase: "Not injured". So I can't translate it. Please, add a key for it. Thanks! Look at screenshoot (at the bottom of the screen):
  6. Hello! Could you please add more space between name of the item and that description when put it? Looks at this screens, a name overlap a description: Thanks!
  7. Hello! In the video about new update rest menu look like this: But in the game like this: So, where is the button "Sleep until rested"? Without that button it so uncomfortable to rest )) PS I started the new game.
  8. Hello! I met this bug in v.298 with stacking items when count less then 5 and I moved items one by one to a container: Here is an example:
  9. If there is a line in the house, so it's nice place ))))
  10. Welcome: Subtitles: Fresh Hide, one more, one more one more, one more, one more Fresh Hide one more, one more, one more Fresh Hide Scrap Metal, Prybar boots drop-drop gloves drop-drop Fresh Hide Gut too drop sticks too drop Freeeeeeesh Hiiiiiiiide ..... Have a nice
  11. That's not a mistake, it's a fix for a subtitle mismatch I reported some time ago. Ok, thanks!
  12. Hello! Another question - is it ok that some keys dublicated: Especially two last