Tracking deer instead of spawn points


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I think tracking deer would be a much more realistic way to find venison. Presently, I just go to the different spawn points and chase the deer into a wolf and then shoot. If I was LUCKY enough to find deer tracks, it would give me something to do / look forward to...I would feel like a true hunter!

Thoughts? Other ideas?

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It would be nice if all animals left tracks everywhere they went and they were persistent at least until a blizzard erased them. Particularly using the Video menu Ultra preset. They do implement decal limits for lower graphics hardware unfortunately but it would be really cool if tracks were left by every animal everywhere they went.

It would also add a very authentic feel outdoors being able to see tracks going to and fro. Would help break up the white forest floor monotony.

It may be something that will make it in during Beta. They could just have it currently at a "safe" limit for testing and various system configurations/VRAM amounts.

It would be nice to get a confirmation from someone that this feature is planned or what is going to occur later in the dev cycle with it though. This is a must have feature IMO.

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