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  1. Mystery Lake. See attached. There is a pit that I couldn't get out of. I got into in by jumping off the cliff at the hydro dam when the bear came after me. I don't know if you can just up and walk into it. FYI, Was stuck so I decided to have a fire, coffee, a little lay down and wait for the night....and death.
  2. I find my computer lagging now with the 0.325. I used to always play on high, not ultra and it was always perfectly fast......Even in Ultra it was fast, i just didn't like the 'dirty screen' in ultra. But now, it lags. Anyone else have this problem?
  3. Greavette


    I really like the idea of candles too....and I want them. But I'm thinking that, as a 'survivor', you're probably not going to be worried about ambiance
  4. I think everything has been said about this, but if you want authenticity, drawn the map yourself on a piece of paper....exactly like you would have to do if you were in the THATS authentic!
  5. Greavette


    You could just crouch in a spot and 'pretend' that you're sitting. I'm also guessing that, if you were in actuality, this situation in REAL LIFE, you probably wouldn't relax for a second as it's freezing and you're always short of food....I would be freakin' out all the time lol
  6. Here is a good reason to have binoculars. I was starving. Only hope of survival was to shoot the bear, which I don't like to do because it scares me.....Yes...I get scared. Anyway, I shot the bear....twice. Panicked and ran into the farm house....went to sleep for an hour to wait for it to die.........its GONE!!!!! I MUST go to the peak now to see if I can find it anywhere. If I had binos, I could cover a LOT of ground just by looking. They're also a good idea as they are a weigh down and an option....a good, fun thing to have in a game. Also, who on earth lives in the wilderness witho
  7. This is what i've seen from hunters.... I'm just trying to start a fight....Sorry
  8. Still want a big long term goal. One mechanical part in each area to get a radio working or something. Not that though, thats a bad idea, but something along those lines. I need a bigger secondary objective. Primary objectives....Find sewing kit, get warming clothing, find food, find the gun, craft even warmer clothes. Now I have nothing to do except sleep and eat....this is not fun. My very favourite part of this game is when you first start and I am scrambling just to stay alive. After I've been alive for a week, the game isn't as exciting. Please fix this, its my favourite game ever!
  9. When you heap wood on a fire, it gets really hot. If you let the fire slowly burn out, it gets slowly colder. This should be factored into the game. It certainly makes it more authentic and makes the game harder, and funnerer.....yes, I said funnerer!
  10. I drop a few rose hips. They're hard to see, but they do work for a trail. I actually assumed that is one of the reason why the game lets you forage so many....
  11. This has COMPLETELY rejuvenated the game for me. I could easily survive for a very long before and the game became boring quickly, but now that I have to collect wood, the game is so much more fun and harder too! Now, I'm not just looking for a rifle when I start, but a hatchet! DO NOT CHANGE THIS FEATURE!!! Love it!
  12. It is REALLY noticeable in Mystery Lake on the bridge going to the hydro feels like my head is on the tracks...
  13. When I cook 1.0 Kg of meat it takes, say 5 seconds? But when I cook 0.1 Kg of meat it still takes the same amount of time. It's a 10th of the weight, it should talk a 10th of the time, or say, just one second. Ditto for eating the food.
  14. I have a sewing kit and 3x cloth, but it says I can't repair the bedroll because I don't have a sewing kit. This is a bug! 8-)