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  1. I'm using a Microsoft Sidewinder mouse and since the last update after getting injured I find that TLD has caused my mouse to freeze. The only way to fix the issue is to restart the machine using KB shortcuts (Just ending TLD does not resolve the issue.
  2. I really don't get why there isn't a fire bow craft-able in the game. All it would take is a stick and guts for the bow. I'd also think that you'd likely need to create the fire board and spindle. That could all be done at a work bench. Then you would use it to light your tinder bundle. Perhaps at anything below 75% fire starting skill there is a high chance of breaking the bow?
  3. Regarding Bear pits, without a heavy pick there is no way to dig through the frozen ground. In order to build the pit you'd have to build a large fire over an area to thaw the ground and then dig, then build another fire to thaw again in the same spot. Doing that 2X should get you deep enough to be out of the frozen layer. All of this assumes you have a means of digging that much soil, and in this game you just don't.
  4. +1 as a hunter rabbits are best cleaned back a t base. There is zero reason to have to sit in the cold to clean them. Add to that if they are frozen you WANT to warm them up. Then all you really need are 2 cuts to clean a rabbit: - centerline to get the guts. - then the neck. You then peel the skin off like a glove, REALLY easy. I also agree that the bones liver, kidneys, heart, etc. would all be used in a stew/broth.
  5. Ummm you don't need to use the hatchet to harvest wood.
  6. Unfortunately cattail stalks aren't nearly strong enough to survive being shot by any crossbow capable of taking down a deer or wolf. Cattail stalks splinter pretty easily when force is applied along it's length in the way a crossbow would. A rabbit maybe, but frankly I'd rather just use snares for them as they work while I do other things.
  7. I'd also love to find a note explaining where the preppers cache is not exactly but perhaps someone saying they saw saw a strange hatch near x thing in game. Ideally it'd be found on one of the corpses. Maybe finding keys that would open doors of some buildings.
  8. For animals what would be more interesting would be Tigers and Lions roaming around (escaped from a zoo for instance). They can both survive very cold weather and talk about a threat
  9. I know I had more than few MREs while I was in Kuwait where the chocolate had gone white-ish on the outside. Same thing happened in the Pacific. It was like talc, but "degraded" chocolate. The bars were harder too. To say they tasted like chocolate would be a lie. I assume this is because the MREs were past date, but it could have been the heat. What you are describing here is flouring and is related to heat. It only has an impact on look and taste, but not on quality.
  10. Had a black capped chickadee that decided to nest on our porch. We would go out and it would fly down to the porch and scream at us. It was kinda cute how indignant it got.
  11. It provides a resource that doesn't require killing deer or wolves.
  12. Well if you don't want to use the gun, then have a weapon. I have taken Fluffy down hand to hand, she isn't really much more difficult than any other wolf. The best pattern I have found for hand to hand with her is Max power hit, 2 mid power hits, 2 max power hits, she will either drop at your feet or run off and die.
  13. I really like the switch to a more graphical interface, I just wish that a double click used an item. If you have a container open it moves it into or out of inventory. If you just have your inventory open it uses/equips/unequips the item. I really DON'T like the new crafting table interface. I HATE having to page through each item to get to what I want. I much preferred the drop down in the previous version. As for memory management, this update has SIGNIFICANLT increased the loading time when moving between indoors or outdoors (or vice versa)
  14. Playing on voyager I routinely am faced with days where there is no daylight that isn't also a blizzard. I do what I'd do in real life when that happens. I check the doors to see if the building is sheltering me so I can use the time to gather wood (I think I currently have >120 pieces of fir) by hand. The times I can't find shelter by the door, I craft items, I repair items, etc. And for those times when I don't have anything to do? I leave the game running and pick up a book to read, which again is what I'd do in a blizzard.
  15. Personally I also really think that if you are starving, you should be MUCH more impacted by cold, I think that the freezing meter should increase at one more point over the value when you have calories. After all one of the ways your body stays warm is by burning calories, so if you have no readily available calories you can't shiver as much.