Who Builds a Cabin in Canada Without a Fireplace!?


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I'm really enjoying the game so far and I've appreciated the effort made by the developers, but there's one issue that sticks out to me like a sore thumb. Why the hell would anybody build a cabin in Northern Canada without a proper indoor fireplace or wood oven? Since your studio is located in a remote area in Vancouver Island I thought this would be common sense to you guys! Yeah I see that a lot of building have outdoor gas tanks, which is fine for commercial buildings, but wood is a much more reliable and satisfying fuel source (and possibly more sustainable as well)!

But why is it such a big issue for this game? Because it's a massive pain in the butt when you have to go outside to start a fire for cooking, and your only source of heat indoors is from your storm lamp. Having a fire outside is annoying because you're exposed to the weather and your clothing degrades, and sometimes you're still vulnerable to wolves, as other users have discovered. Sometimes the wind will change, and if it's stormy enough it will blow out your fire and you will lose all of your wood, even if you still had over 2 hours left on the fire (something that I hope will be fixed in future patches). I went to the other side of my house and started another fire, but less than 30 min into this fire and the wind changed directions and blew it out as well!

So please Hinterlands, if there's one thing you can do for me this Christmas, it would be to add an interior wood stove to the house on Jackrabbit Island!

I do have another suggestion for future updates and that would be to include candles! Before the introduction of electricity, candles were the most economical and common source of light, and they can provide a decent amount of heat as well! One candle stick would provide less light than a storm lamp but about the same amount of heat. Tea candles are extremely cheap and ubiquitous as you can get them from the dollar store in packs of 100 for around $2-$5, and the last for about 4 hours each. Simple additions like these would add a lot of atmosphere to the game.

And what about lighters? One Bic lighter is about as good as 100 matches, and I've never seen one degrade before it ran out of fuel. I think a rugged Zippo style lighter would make for very valuable and exciting loot!

I also have some more ideas on how fire embers should work but I think I should leave it there before my message gets even more long-winded!

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