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  1. I like the Ravine. The new Ravine feels even more dangerous and unnerving, also makes the whole world seem much larger with the extra area and goodies. travel between the two now is much more lengthy which I think is good but makes for lots more one way action I think. In simple terms, before I could make the trip or 2 trips in a day to get all my gear or 75-90% of it, the real valuable stuff, now I simply can't take some stuff, maybe only make a general full day trip pack out. Also love the cave in the ravine where you can warm up. Great addition! Good job on this Hinterland!
  2. The game is completely out of balance, just for shits and fuck STALKER I decided to play on Pilgrim last night. Wow you can literally live forever in one spot. You have more food then you'd ever need and there are DEER everywhere. Please balance the game. We don't need animals all over the place, and we just need enough challenge to find them and then kill them. Right now its just a total cluster of extremes and you are right be it clothing or food needs, they are just radically out of balance.
  3. It is kind of bullshit isnt it. I mean in Stalker I've never gone more than 2 days without fininding a rifle. But if you take the "road less traveled" they screw you in other ways. So it really isn't that much less difficult, just less of a specific wolf menace which still becomes the same thing. I am honestly beginning to think that game isn't for me. It is all about the wolves now. I don't know if they have run out of other ideas or simply want to take the path to least development resistance but I for one am just sick of every day death by wolf. Couple that with these patch "improvements" which break things or make it asinine picking up stuff in the world because you have to click fest though menus of stupid acknowledgement. Like how many times to I need to be educated on what I am picking up? NEVER PAST THE FIRST TIME! is the answer. What about FEATURES? We want additional ways of creating the necessities of fire, which in turn makes water, and safe food, what about weapons? I mean FFS sure give us wolves and bears and werewolves, give me a fucking re-incarnated dinosaur that blew in from the magnetic storm but let me at least craft a spear or a bow and arrow, let me defend myself in some way that isnt a carpal tunnel inducing click fest. Let me pick up objects which are going to induce carpal tunnel either. I mean seriously 3 clicks to pick up one item. Have you guys even developed for the PC before? Try making 3 button pressed necessary for retrieval of every object in an XBOX game LOL. Not gonna happen. Also what is it with these WOLVES which dodge bullets and run at me from angles? No WOLF does that, they take lead pursuit courses or run right at you, so now my best defense when already on my 2nd wolf attack on the day, unavoidable now too without an over powered flare is the standoff gunshot right, but if we miss which we will because the gun doesn't shoot where you aim it anyway and even if it did the hit boxes simply don't encompass accurate Wolf physiology means you shoot waste a bullet, fluffy still comes to bite you, then even if you have a knife if you are under 50% ur dead. I am starting to feel frustrated after every patch and more so this one because it was waited for for what seemed like so long and while stuff "looks better" gameplay isn't substantially beneficial. Anybody know where I can get a copy of v.196 as I thought that version played the best.
  4. Well it is pretty clear this patch while having some improvements has some game busters. I am finding myself more and more at odds with the click mashing during wolf encounters, it doesn't really feel like that fits in with the rest of the whole game. Everything is a deliberate and turn based where as wolf encounters is all RTT.
  5. well by the time you get back Toe, the hotfixes should be in place. Right now animals seem to be getting stuck and the UI seems to be getting in the way a bit, but all in all, a superior build than v.200, Was hoping for more in terms of features.
  6. Are the wildlife more dangerous/ numerous at night?
  7. Wovles are getting stuck on the tree at DERAILMENT, when they run away or just run for whatever they get stuck, you can get them unstuck by walking up to them and then they attack you, otherwise they are in a constant state of treadmill running in place inside a tree, this is by the railcare at DERAILMENT, I've seen at least 4 different wovles do this now and it is weird.
  8. I don't like it either in fact I hate it.
  9. It's just too bad the update contains only the changes to wolves. I'm especially disappointed that nothing was done about the memory management. It seems like all the talk about the performance impact from that decision was ignored. A simple switch in the options to prevent unloading of assets would have sufficed. I'm wondering if that was deemed too difficult or too unimportant. I am beginning to have some mixed feelings about the update too. I mean they did some real work on the UI, however everything you do now takes longer, and is more tedious. The UI is even less responsive, harvesting for example, taking an item from the game would take a quarter second, now it takes a full second per item, and 2 clicks in the case of some items, I just don't see the benefit to learning every time about cattails, the crafting table UI is better but I have found it confusing to start with.
  10. I wish I knew how to duplicate that because that is not what I experience. Possibly differences between our hardware? I have the following i7 12GB RAM R9 270X W7 64bit FX-8350 32 GB RAM GTX 970 W7 64bit its not the hardware, it ran far superior in version 1.96 which I wish I could roll back to.
  11. Some hotfix bugs but yeah lol, the wolves are definitely improved but could be even better. However they are very playable now, and don't constantly act stupid as before as least in my preliminary observations.
  12. V .212 First Thoughts Definitely enjoying the new and varied wolves. They are for sure not playing the same old game of I'm a robot. Still exhibiting AI like behavior though. When they go on autopilot such as when they chase prey, doesn't appear they have any interest in you or a changing situation. Autopilot all the way. So some room for improvement. I do not like the new harvest timesink. Totally a great idea to have you learn more about what you are harvesting but the inability to click through it faster and make you wait every-time is the same complaint that searching through cupboards is. Come on guys you know that is not a player favorite why duplicate something players dont like? Also really like the time of day versus wrist watch indicator. I feel less like I'm cheating looking at metrics with it like this. Camp office, what did you guys do in there? I'm having a hunny did you change your hair? moment on the first floor. It looks different but I can't put my finger on it and its driving me nuts. [bBvideo 560,340:qbked9l8] [/bBvideo]
  13. I wish I knew how to duplicate that because that is not what I experience.
  14. I have no inside knowledge about that and it may be wrong but it is how I concluded it
  15. What makes you think this? Seems to be against the whole idea of sandbox... Last sentence of the first line of this post by the Boss... viewtopic.php?f=3&t=4498 I could be reading this wrong and it is just speculation but it is my thinking. The patch is "what I'd call past due" and they are being pretty tight lipped about it.
  16. I decided to make the trip back to New York after getting to Oregon, not much to see there. LOL
  17. Not really, both species of bears might choose to do either. It really depends on the individual bear and the way they perceive you. Predatory behaviour towards humans can be displayed by both black bears and grizzlies, though it is really rare. Far more bear encounters occur when bears are defensive--either defending cubs, food, territory or just startled. To be fair, grizzlies do make me more nervous when I'm in the woods, but part of that is the unknown factor since I encounter them far less. Anyway, way off topic I guess....suffice to say Pilgrim is easy mode, but I can see what OP is saying-- if you poke the bear.... I don't regularly encounter bears but from what Im told in order of Polar Grizzly brown black bears, the most to least aggressively are respectively listed. Of course an animal in fear, rabid, or protecting its cubs will violently and with rage attack even another dangerous predator sometimes fight to the death but otherwise black bears are pretty docile, brown bears much the same but they are larger and more of a predator scavenger, grizzly bears will fight off other bears for resources or mix it up. Bottomline... ___ lol, you never know what a wild animal is going to do because they act on instinct rather than past experience and scientific method. If they are hungry and you smell and look like you might be an easy or medium easy dinner they are going to make trouble for you. If you look like an space alien holding a death ray to them they will flee.
  18. Exactly, have you ever heard of the "widowmaker" in the forest, it is an old tree that is diseased or termite infested that can break off limbs that can seriously injure or kill a person after an icestorm. There should be more ways to get hurt in the game than just being gangbanged by wolves.
  19. Exactly the problem with the game. The environmental challenge is too easy. While the wolf challenge is too cheap. Been down that road a few thousand times here and on the STEAM forums.
  20. Do you feel the wolf numbers are too many across the board? I can't speak for PV (yet), but I don't mind the current number in ML-- it's CH where I find them really excessive. I don't know if this is the difference in terrain, or if it's an actual difference in wolf numbers.. In their current implementation in Stalker I think they are excessive everywhere they are found. Clearly they are a deterrent and challenge for acquiring items in loot locations. I get that. They also need to act as a villan right now, got that. While in voyager it is better, but still in Coastal there are too many. Now when I say too many, I say looking at it from various perspectives. Yes it is a challenge, sometimes ridiculous, but in any realistic way the density of wolves just meandering like they do while also observable without triggering their hunt instinct is simply just poor implementation. Players want challenge. I get that too. Where is the challenge for making water? There is none, once you can make fire, you can essentially make an unlimited amount of water indefinitely form one match so long as you only keep that fire going. You can forage for wood indefinitely as well so long as you have the calories to do so. Really though challenge should come from FROSTBITE, should come from WATER CONTAINER CARRYING CAPACITY, challenge should come from being able to skillfully being able to make fire with a FIREBOW and the possibility to fail. The wolves are either a stopgap or just simply a poor mechanic. Yes if you get into a fight with a wolf it should hurt, it should weaken you substantially and it should also be lethal sometimes. However the number one cause of all death by all players in the game is Wolf attacks. So of course I think the density and populations are way over the top. You should not be able to boil and store more water than you can contain in a vessel. Which means unless we start finding gallon sized jugs laying around we are limited to soda cans, cans of beans, and dog food, once empty. Would open up a whole new mechanic. People saying the other factors compare, I'll give you an analogy, if I eat glass, nails, and screws, yes I will die from starvation eventually, but in almost all if not most most cases I will die from the wounds form the sharp objects. Same thing for wolves, the magnitude of the threat is so much larger than is should be. Make wolves stronger, make them faster, make them see you from farther away, but make them stalk you, make them crazy so you dont know if they will attack or just play with you, but make it so there is one-five of them on a map instead of 25. Make it so they can't be used to hunt for you, and exploited. When you get these necro posts from players who join and have 3 posts and one of their posts is on this topic and how they are struggling with it and can't make it past a few days because of the wolves well there is a problem. A problem for 100+pages of posts about it on STEAM. Bottom line, ok difficulty is good, challenge is good, and a threat is good, being on the edge is awesome in this game. However, the asinine cheap deaths everybody gets at the hands of the wolf eventually to me say that should be changed to not happen so damn much. Best way to do that is to reduce their numbers, and a small but clear majority of player surveyed agree with that. What is a thing is the new players who come on who are having a good experience in pilgrim and hitting the wolf attack wall in the other modes. Any mechanic which ends the ability of a player to endure, without a strong counter, to which even the gun isn't in some situations, is in my opinion unbalanced to the point where it will drive newer players away from the game.
  21. Survey Results for Survey 2, at 25 Responses...