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  1. Well I've gotten myself into another crappy situation. I came across a moose in the area above Milton and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and hunt with only 4 arrows in my inventory (all brand new arrows). I took advantage of the rocky terrain to run away from the angry moose and one by one I managed to plant all 4 arrows in that mighty beast. I used up all of my painkillers and rose hips because I managed to sprain my wrist/ankle on 4 occasions while clambering over the rocks. I also used up all of my daylight so I decided to head to the trailer to spend the night, hoping that I would find a dead moose in the morning with all 4 of my arrows in it. As you may have guessed, that is the absolute opposite of what happened. I found the moose back in his usual location looking perfectly healthy with no arrows on him. I did a thorough search of his territory both below and above the road and I have not found a single arrow out the 4 that are missing. I honestly thought 4 arrows would be enough because the bear bled out after I shot him with 2 arrows but it looks like all 4 of my arrows belong to the moose now... Kinda sucks because I've spent a lot of time gathering resources for a grand adventure in HRV, but it looks like I will be going to FM instead to forge some new arrow heads...
  2. At day 80 I have finally found myself at risk of cabin fever. This was after spending many days inside at the crafting table and harvesting bags of bear-meat. So cabin-fever is confirmed but I feel like it should have come a lot sooner. It's still 50% of time indoor/outdoors right? I suspect that in custom mode it will default to the Voyageur setting and won't come into effect until day 50 or so.
  3. So I did manage to find all three arrows in the end. The second arrow was on the Northern bridge to Milton, not too far from where I shot the wolf but a fair distance from the actual corpse. The third arrow was on the Eastern bridge to Milton which is quite far from the wolf corpse and where I shot him. Sometimes the wolves go on mighty adventures when they're bleeding out, like they just remembered some really important thing on their bucket list. Too bad they have a habit of dropping the arrow half-way through their journey. In previous games I've found arrows in really obscure locations nowhere near where I shot them.
  4. I do aim for the head but I usually end up hitting them in the torso. In other news I have found one of the arrows! Unfortunately, the mostly-buried state that I found it in doesn't inspire a lot of confidence that I will find the others...
  5. I’ve been playing this game for many years and this is one issue that has brought lots of boredom and frustration to my previous survival games. I’m about 60 days into my cutom-interloper playthrough and I’m being reminded why I got bored and quit my previous stalker playthrough. After a while the challenges of not starving and not being eaten alive by wolves becomes more manageable but it gives way to another challenge: trying to figure out where those bloody wolves took my arrows. It is the final act of spite by the dying bastards that once I plant an arrow in them they will run off into the great unknown to deposit the arrow in some obscure location, only to return to die in a nice obvious location where the crows and myself can easily locate their body. Sometimes the arrow will remain embedded in them until they die, which is much appreciated, but recently most of the wolves have managed to shake off theses arrows in mid-flight so that I have to spend hours looking for them. Usually I will try to follow the wolves until they die but this is a rather costly endeavour in Interloper where I am perpetually freezing to death. My most recent problem involves a pack of 3 wolves than descended upon my home in Milton. I shot all 3 of them with arrows and all 3 of them ran off with the arrows firmly embedded in their bodies while they bled to death. All 3 of them died in a tight area, not too far from where I shot them but I’m still missing all 3 arrows. I’ve harvested all of the corpses, which have now disappeared, but that did not reveal any arrows. I’ve spent about 20 minutes searching in frustration, but nothing has come up yet. It is an understatement to say that this is not fun, and I’d rather spend my time exploring Hushed River Valley and the rest of Great Bear Island. There is a simple fix to this problem: the arrow should stick to the target until the end, or not at all. I know it’s realistic that arrows will fall out while the victim is running but what value does this give to gameplay? In my opinion it only adds frustration.
  6. In previous versions of the game the Old Man's Beard was meant to be combined with a bandage, like you are suggesting. This was simpler in some ways but the problem was that if you applied a plain bandage to your bleeding wound you would still be at risk for infection, and if you wanted to use the Old Man's Beard you would have to combine it with another bandage to be used. I prefer the current system.
  7. I've been playing a Custom-Interloper survival game and I'm just over 50 days in. Most of the settings are on Interloper but I turned to wolf population, and item decay down to Stalker levels. After searching almost all of Milton, Mystery Lake, Coastal Highway, Desolation point and all the regions in between I have FINALLY found my first bedroll on day 51. Playing the game without a bedroll has been quite restrictive and I have no idea how I managed to avoid getting cabin fever up until now. I do spend as much time outdoors as I can but because it's Interloper I can only spend about 30 seconds outdoors before I start freezing my butt off. Until now I have only slept indoors and I have done most of my crafting etc indoors as well so there's no way that I haven't spent the majority of my time indoors. I'm guessing that either I accidentally turned off CF in the custom game settings or the description of CF in the wiki is no longer accurate (it states CF starts when you spend the majority of 6 days indoors). Is there some way I check the difficulty settings of my saved game? And is anybody aware if the criteria for CF has been changed in recent patches? Does it still happen if you spend 51% of your time indoors? The other thing that doesn't help is that it's still not totally clear what is considered indoors and what is considered outdoors. From reading the forum and wiki I have heard that following places are considered outdoors: vehicle interiors fishing huts snow shelters shallow caves (part of the open world) But the following places are still considered indoors: deep caves (separate from open world) mountaineer's hut I assume that the look-out towers in Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway are also considered indoor environments? What about the small hut at the picnic area in Milton? Does anybody have more things to add to these lists?
  8. I think it would reduce the struggle time dramatically or avoid it altogether. It would not kill the wolf in the short term, but I think a burnt face would put the wolf into "sulk mode" where it would be unable to hunt. It may recover from this period or it may die.
  9. It's logical to a certain extent but it's not like trees only fall apart during storms. Heavy snowfall can cause limbs to fall off just by the sheer weight of all the snow. And quite often a tree will get damaged during a storm but not fall apart until a few days later.
  10. I’ve been playing TLD since the very early days of early-access and I’ve seen the dynamics of torch self-defence change quite a bit. A lit torch used to discourage wolf attacks pretty well by itself, then you had to throw the torch to properly scare the wolves, then they replaced that with the brandish function, then they went back to torch throwing (please correct me if my memory is wrong). I recently tried playing stalker mode and I discovered that a held torch won’t deter a wolf attack and a thrown torch *might* make the wolf hesitate for a split second before resuming his quest to eat my face. I’m playing Interloper right now and I’ve assumed that the torch is useless for wolf self-defence. I’ve never been a fan of the torch throwing method of self-defence. It is not intuitive in the slightest and not something that a new player would learn to do on their own. By throwing your torch you are throwing away your best tool of self-defence and putting your faith into a game mechanic that probably won't work. (I have a deep personal connection to this issue because as a child I had a frequent re-occurring dream in which I was eaten alive by a wolf. I would be chased through the forest and I usually had a rock or a stick in my hands. Once the wolf caught up to me we would face off and I would yell at him while swinging my rock/stick. Usually I would end up panicking and I would throw my rock/stick at the wolf but the second I did so I realised that I was even more defenceless and the wolf would pounce to seal my fate.) In reality a burning torch provides good defence against wolves by simply shoving it at their face. A wolf’s only proper weapon is their mouth and, unlike bear or cougars, their paws are not very good at blocking or parrying weapons. For a self-sufficient wild animal without good medical or dental coverage, biting into a burning torch should be unpleasant enough to make them forget about their hunger or their personal vendettas against the human species. It could render them blind or unable to hunt/eat. For the developer it’s super easy to implement, all you need to do is add another icon for weapon selection in wolf combat. It would also get rid of a tremendous amount of confusion for the gamers that I see being expressed here and on forums elsewhere on the internet. Is there any reason not to implement this feature?
  11. Pharose

    Toggle walk

    I've literally been asking for this for years now and I haven't heard any dev feedback. I'm not sure if Hinterland is being stubborn or negligent on this one.
  12. Pharose

    Spear Maybe?

    Yep, they've been talking about the bear spear for a while. That looks like a pretty heavy duty spear in the picture and it's not what I was hoping for but any type of spear is appreciated. All I wanted was the ability to make a simple fire-hardened spear. All you need is a straight peice of wood (usually a sapling) a sharp object to whittle the end into a point and a fire to make the point hard and brittle. It's one of the most basic survival tools in the history of humanity and yet it's extremely effective against wolves (probably won't kill a bear but will definitely make them look elsewhere for a meal). The invention of the spear predates the human species by millions of years. If chimps can use a pointed stick then I see no reason why we shouldn't be able to.
  13. True, but I think I had the centurion mixed up with the vexlliarius (totally had to google that lol).
  14. I think the whole "damsel in distress" is more of a male fantasy than a female fantasy but this woman seems to be severely addicted to danger: Man: "Cheryl!! What did I tell you about the island full of sexual-assault monkeys!?" Man: "Jesus Christ Cheryl, how do you find these things?!" "I think you should try wearing something that isn't red..." "ANOTHER Fucking giant snake?! Freud is going to have a field day with this!" "No Cheryl, just because they're herbivores doesn't mean that they're friendly, especially the mad-eyed one with the broken tusk! Wait what are you doing? Cheryl come back- GODDAMIT CHERYL!" "I am SO fucking done with this..."
  15. You really should be allowed to collect unsafe water from fishing holes. They should add this in the next update...
  16. @SteveP I think these are supposed to be wolverines? @Hotzn I think this situation is my favourite: Woman: Oh dear, it appears that these crabs are quite hostile! Man: Yes indeed, shall we keep on moving so that we don't get surrounded by them? Woman: Screw that, I wore my ripped cleavage shirt today! Let's kill them all!
  17. I'm pretty sure you could find some tips on bear wrestling if you read some of these magazines: If that fails you can always try drinking some Canadian Hunter Whisky.
  18. I'm pretty sure I did break down all the pallets so that I could find the accelerant an the dog food... I actually ended up going all the way back to the dam to retrieve my crowbar to open the locker because I figured I would find the hammer there but all I found was some high quality clothing items. In the end I ended up travelling all the way to desolation point and back! If there is a hammer somewhere in FM I simply haven't found it in this playthrough.
  19. I haven't verified this myself but I read about it in another thread where somebody shot a bear multiple times in the face and it still took a REALLY long time for the bear to die. Somebody made the bleed-out timer reset comment and it seems plausible to me because I watched that wolf bleed for a long time and it was like he came back to life when I shot him with my second arrow... And it still took a really long time for him to die. I also never had this problem until I tried playing on FM. There aren't that many matches in FM and you pretty much need a fire every single night, unless you take shelter in the large cave behind the radio tower, or unless you have top-tier clothing. Neither of these options are that viable when you're a newbie who's desperately searching for gear. I suppose I am creating an unbalanced game for myself by limiting myself to one region but these seem to be the games that I enjoy the most. I think the survival aspect of this games feels the most authentic when I start in a remote location like Forlorn Muskeg or Timerwolf Mountain and I don't have the option of wandering back to town to stock up on supplies. When Timberwolf Mountain was released I started playing there on Voyageur but I found it harder than starting on any other map on Stalker but even more satisfying. It was certainly frustrating though and I died many times before I finally survived my first week! But yeah, it's been a learning experience for sure, and I concede that wolves aren't as unbalanced as I initially thought they were. I'm glad somebody finds my frustration entertaining!
  20. Well I've been through a lot since my last post. Attempt 8 ended was ended by another series of wolf attacks but attempt 9 was my lucky number... Kind of. I managed to find my groove by always carrying decoy meat and spending more time crouching. I managed to get better with the bow but I still have trouble aiming it, but my missed arrows will often scare them away anyways. I made it to day 32 of a stalker FM only run, and after getting some good clothing and some decent tools the wolves became a lot easier. I also avoid going out when my energy levels are low since that is usually perilous. However one of the main reasons I did so much better on attempt 9 was because I found a hatchet at the Spence shed and that made my game 10x easier and almost felt like I was cheating! But after 32 days I was running low on cloth, matches and scrap metal so I decided I would rather leave FM than die so I left for Mystery Lake. Mystery Lake was a cakewalk compared to FM but it proved to be my downfall due to a game erasing glitch! I posted about it in the forum for PC bugs, but my game was lost! Fortunately I had an older save game where I was in a similar situation (Stalker, ML, 60 days) so I went back to that game instead. I've packed up my bags so I could go back to FM for some more wolf-killing revenge, but it seems that these wolves have one last trick up their sleeve and are they are as committed as ISIS when it comes to thwarting me! The must know that I have a shortage of arrow heads because when I shoot them with my arrows now they will run like crazy into the great beyond, never to be found again! It happened twice before I left ML where two wolves attacked me consecutively and I landed non-fatal hits on both of them. I watched them run around leaving a trail of blood for a VERY long time but they wouldn't die, so I got impatient a shot one of them a second time (apparently this is a mistake because it resets the bleed-out timer). He started running like crazy again and I continued following him but he ran towards another pair of wolves, and since it was getting dark and I was out of arrows I decided to head to my shelter. The next morning I continued my search and I searched FAR and wide but I never found the wolves again! I spent two days looking for them and eventually I found one of my arrows sitting on top of a remote hill about a kilometre away from where I shot them, but absolutely no sign of the two wolves or my other two arrows! I had another two arrows in storage so I grabbed those before going to FM but this problem becomes even more severe out there because the wolves know that they can screw me over by dying in the middle of the frozen lake where the ice is too weak to walk on! In a few days I've gone from having 5 arrows heads down to one arrow head, and there's no hammer to be found at the Spence shed so once again I'm in a bit of pickle... In retrospect I think the difficulty on wolves is OK on stalker, even if they make FM a ridiculous challenge. The reason they are such a ridiculous challenge is because you need to gather a lot of firewood to survive the first few weeks in FM and that's usually when they killed me. I think they might be a little too challenging on voyageur since the game is especially challenging for newcomers (based upon my friend's feedback) and most people find that the easiest difficulty is too boring.
  21. I've been pretty desperate to find a solution to this so I tried dismantling my snow shelter and then entering the trappers cabin. When I entered the cabin I did not appear on the other side of the door but in the middle of the cabin looking towards the entrance (as if it was another default spawn point). The cabin was empty except for one rifle cleaning kit. When I exited the cabin I teleported to one of the starting spawn locations just outside of the clear cut. The game seems slightly less glitchy now but it's still unplayable!
  22. Oh god, it appears that my game is corrupt as hell! I tried playing my old save game again and I spent a night outside of the trappers cabin cooking up my pile of bear meat. I got my cooking skill quite a bit and went back to sleep in my snow shelter. When I woke up my cooking skill was back down to where it started the previous day! Undeterred i continued my mission over to the camp office and I entered through the back door. When I entered I encountered the exact same glitch that I got when I entered the trapper's cabin! I exited my phantom snow shelter to see what would happen and I fell through the infinite abyss, until eventually I hit the ground and I found myself in the trappers cabin... But this was an empty version of the camp office without any of my loot. So I went to exit the cabin but when I did so I found myself back in my SNOW SHELTER next to the trapper's cabin! I've been playing this game for over two years and I never encountered any terrible glitches but right now the game is basically unplayable!
  23. Thanks for the offer Darkside but I don't think I'm going to risk it. I'll email the save to support but yeah I'm not expecting any miracles. More importantly I think the glitch may be persisting. I went back to my older game that I started last June, (but I still played it last January) and I'm experiencing some familiar glitches. Now I am facing a glitch so that when I enter the trappers cabin I find myself in a black void that resembles being inside my snow shelter outside the cabin (the place from where my save game starts). When I exit this so called "snow shelter" I once again find myself below ground level as I fall into an infinite abyss. This happens every time I enter the cabin and I've made several attempts so far. I'm posting some screenshots, the first two are from lakeside cabin when I enter through the front door, the next two are from when I enter the trapper's cabin. I have a feeling this may be related to my game becoming corrupted. I tried verifying the game cache and that did not fix it. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and that did not fix it.
  24. Hmm, it looks like you're both right. I can see a save file in my folder that matches the date of the last time I played. Is there a log of system events somewhere? Would the game-file be of any use to Hinterlands for debugging purposes?