Creative aspect (or Why housebuilding should be considered)


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First of all, i love the game until now, the world, setting, the basic mechanics.

I've played it, learned the basics, learned to manipulate the envoirement to survive (f.e. to make wolves hunt down deer for me), learned which routes to take to increase the time I survive. Learned where to go and what to pickup and use, or rather not.

So far, congratulations to the whole team!

Steam says I played about 30 hours now, and I saw everything, survived more than 20 days, and I could have survived much more. I'm pretty sure even 50 werent that much of a problem, with my daily meatfarming routes, maybe later going to coastalhighway to go on anew.

But I restarted. I did so several time, and now I'm bored I think. Dont get me wrong, the whole game is really great, and I'm aware that you are a small team and this is still alpha, which contains the chance aswell.

I think a creative aspect, suchas basebuilding increases the lategame a great deal. There is just not much to do round after round, when you found everything basic you need, f.e. knife, hatchet etc.

So it does not have to be basebuilding, but it's a strong aspect players stay interested in playing longer than, lets say 10 days, because after then all you have to pay attention for is cloth.

Hope for some reply, cheers.

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Steam says I played about 30 hours now, and I saw everything

One thing to remember - you haven't seen everything, just some of the initial stuff in these 2 sandbox map zones - but they don't form the whole gaming area, and there are a lot more connected maps to follow. The game won't be restricted to simply these initial areas, but are meant [when completed] to form a much wider range which requires movement, travel, and continuing exploration.

Many of the initial mechanics will be changing, and new things added - so it's important to remember what you see so far isn't the final limit of what will need to be done to survive... there's still a lot more ahead :)

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thank you for that fast reply.

I was not refering to the map or regions that much - I think they've just the perfect size.

Rathermore I feel like I've done "everything" what is to do.

But sure, this is an alpha, even tho a really playable one, never had a single bug yet.

Havent found a to-do-list yet, but I'm for sure staying tuned for all the stuff to come, thx :)

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Don't worry, there will be more things to do. Here's a quote from Raph from another thread:

I feel that the player's arc for the game should go from "early game" (which is all about scavenging, learning how things work, and trying to stay alive) to "mid-game" where you begin to feel more confident, aren't so scared to explore and take risks, and begin to become more self-sufficient.

I think the game, so far, has done a competent job of making that "early game" experience feel compelling. But as people are surviving longer and longer, the early game intensity and excitement starts to get a little thin and they need more to keep them interested and pushed to the limits.

So, let's just say one of our focuses at the moment is addressing this "mid-game" piece. Can't promise 100% what we'll deliver, or when, but your notes are well taken and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

The focus is slowly shifting towards mid-game and after that they will start thinking about end-game. This is still early alpha and there's still a lot of things to come :)

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