The Greatest Survival Game of ALL TIME


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I love this game too, it is possibly the greatest survival game ever. Instead of them choosing some tropical island, or a dense forest, or a place with monsters, they chose Northern Canada. And this game actually makes you feel whats going on. When a wolf is charging at you you completely forget about the pause button, and your instantly on your feet. And when I threw a rock at a bunny, and nestled him in my arms, he looked at me, with beady eyes begging for his life. Then you had to choose whose life was more important. Yours, or His.  Another thing I love about this game is the artwork. When other games focus on getting realistic graphics and detailed environments, The Long Dark focuses on artwork, I always thought of it as Mother Natures story. But i do agree with you when I say The Long Dark is the best survival game in the world.

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