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  1. It all sounds Extremely Interesting, I love the Timberwolves, and Deadman Challenge officially in the game is huge. Looking forward to crafting expansion, and the new Region sounds equally compelling. Thanks Raphael and Hinterland for this Masterpiece
  2. I did a test near the Barn in Pleasant Valley, I had one wolf stalking me, and I veered off near another wolf so that their paths would cross, and one wolf locked in place, with it's head alternating in a side to side motion, and the other wolf also froze for a moment, with its pathing in conflict, then he came after me and the other turned away on a path. It will be quite an experience to deal with a collaborative wolf pack, hopefully they have multiple attack types that are random, to keep us guessing. I have never fully figured out the wolf activity in this game, which is half the fun. Thanks Raphael, Thanks Hinterland
  3. To You Raphael, and All at Hinterland, I have nothing but praise for The Long Dark, it has always exceeded my expectations, Wintermute is wonderful, and I had no doubt, that Episode 3 would come when ready. This game is unique, and brilliant, and will be a Cult Classic Game forever. Thanks for all the commitment to excellence, and hoping that your next game is also unique, and wonderful. No Pressure LOL
  4. HIGHLY Anticipating Timber Wolves!
  5. Various new Custom Menu Settings, including but not limited to, High End Clothing Items On/Off, Bedroll On/Off, Knife and Hatchet On/Off, Stim On/Off, Min-Max Predator Sliders, *Earthquakes On/Off, Min-Max Blizzard Duration, Predator Aggressiveness Over Time None-Very High, Min/Max Player Kill Carcass Duration, Outdoor Meat Taken by Predators On/Off Wolf Baiting Probability None-High, Rope Break Probability None-High/or Rope Degradation, Wolf Spawns in Interior Caves None-High, *Provided Earthquakes are ever added to the game
  6. A Maple Tree Tap which is either forged or crafted. This would also require a can or pot, which would be inserted in a Maple, and provide syrup once or twice a week. 300 cal/serving
  7. It would be interesting for earthquakes to occur which could potentially cut off some routes, or open up new ones, even to the point of making some maps completely inaccessible
  8. I shot the bear from the top of the first rope climb up on the left side of Timberwolf Mountain, he disappeared from sight, and I stood by the rope looking to see where he would run to, this was before player kills had crows, and he managed to climb up somewhere and trapped me at the rope climb and almost killed me. I heard him approach but I didn't think he could get up to where I was, I was mistaken. Plus many times at Quonset where wolves will just appear out of nowhere.
  9. On Interloper, Signal Hill is typically a great early spot to get to, after hitting the Farmstead of course. It is then a quick run to Winding River Cave to the open cave spot for the potential bedroll, and up the hill to the right for the saplings if you have the hacksaw. Get by the wolf(s) into the Dam and check the lockers preferable a prybar in your inventory. This should get your clothing quite a bit better, then hit the Ravine for the flare gun, Optionally harvesting the deer carcasses along the way, and grabbing reishis.
  10. After Custom Mode arrived I decided to create a Survival Run in which I only had a prybar, and flare gun, as a tool or weapon. Around day 70 I had gone through all but a few regions, and while exiting Forlorn Muskeg and going into Broken Railroad, I died. This would not be the end though. After starting a new run, and playing a couple days, with the game running in the background, I had a momentary power failure at my place which rebooted my computer. Upon restart, I started The Long Dark, and went to Resume my game, there I was standing by the bed, but not the same bed, and I realize that I am back in my previous game I died in but a week earlier. I decided I would recover my ground and went back through Forlorn and Broken Railroad, all is well. Finally around day 100 I decided to go to Desolation Point and forge, all went as planned and started back through Crumbling Hwy, well a wolf got me and I shot him with the flare gun then knifed him and with about 15% condition I ran out to the car in Coastal, having just gone through a storm and not wanting to cross the ice in fog I lit a fire by the car and got in, for some reason I selected 4 hours and hit sleep, but immediately the fire got blown out and I was dead. I can't remember how many times I have done great until I go forge and then everything goes south
  11. Shortly before Forlorn Muskeg came into the world of Great Bear Island I found this amazing game on Steam. The Long Dark then occupied my gaming experience almost exclusively. After the initial learning curve of what is possible in the game I started a Voyageur Run which I managed to continue for 275 days until my ultimate demise on Timberwolf Mountain. It was a sad day when due to my own greed and lack of planning I found myself between two rope climbs with no stim or coffee and no way to go back to my bedroll at the Waterfall Cave. Looking for a bear that I had shot and killed earlier before crows were added to kills to help in tracking, I had let myself get exhausted and night was falling. With wolves blocking my attempts to get back to the Mountaineers Cabin I stumbled around in the dark trying to find safe passage down at a time when I was unaware of the climbing capabilities of my character which could have aided in my descent back to safety. As with many desperate moments in The Long Dark, a bit of confusion and the propensity to make fatal mistakes overcame me and with the expectation of slipping past the predators and successfully get back to the Cabin, I became hasty and thinking the coast was clear I began walking in earnest toward my destination. In the almost complete darkness though a wolf detected my presence and moved in for the kill, and though I put up a valiant fight, I succumbed to my injuries and that most feared of all moments had arrived "You have faded into The Long Dark" appeared in Red on my screen.
  12. I am not easily impressed, but this "Game" has exceeded all my expectations and more. I fell in Love with The Long Dark from the moment I first played it, and I Love it more, and more every time I play. This game is a Priceless Gem.