Tinder bonus after Fire Starting level 3....


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Eh, not looking for a huge argument or debate here...

I was just thinking it would be cool if using tinder gave you like a 5% bonus to your fire starting chance after you reach level 3 and no longer REQUIRE tinder to light a fire.

My thinking is after level 3, people probably pretty much stop collecting or using tinder to start fires because it is no longer necessary. You are so good at starting fires now, you can apparently just apply a match to sticks and light them ablaze...

That being said, now that it is no longer necessary to use tinder to start a fire because you are so darn good at it.....Wouldn't tinder still make the act of starting a fire easier than not using any? So if you decide to use some tinder even though you no longer need to add tinder, wouldn't it help with lighting a fire?

Just my thoughts...it would simply add to the likelihood that people would use tinder lying around after level 3 fire starting. They don't need to use it, but it makes lighting a fire a little easier...so maybe they will....

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If you don't use tinder when starting fires, the fire will take longer to be started - that also means you will use up more "wood burn value" then if you used the tinder to start a fire. The easiest way to see this is to start a fire using cedar wood - if you use tinder, it will take a few seconds less to "create" the fire (you don't wait so long) and you will have more mins of fire left when you finish it (it's very small difference, but it's there)

(I don't think I have a lvl 3 character alive atm because of the wipe and me not playing lately, so I am not sure I can make a vid to prove this, but I am about 80% sure this is how it works. It works similarly if you used accelerant or fuel - if you make fire out of stick and use the accelerant, it's "created" almost instantly and you get 6-7 mins of fire. If you use fuel, it takes a bit more time to make the fire and you only get like 5 minutes of fire. Additionally, if you use magnifying glass to start a fire on a stick, chances are you will "succeed" but you will only get a 1min fire or just straight up ashes because it takes the longest of all the fire methods. I am not even sure if it's possible to start a fire on a stick with magnifying glass without the use of tinder.

As far as the suggestion goes - I think that certain tinders should provide an extra +5% chance to succeed in fire creation. Whenever I go hiking, I stuff my pockets with birch bark because it contains oils which make it an excellent tinder, it will burn even if it's wet. So, birch bark should add +5% chance to create a fire, regardless of the skill of the person who makes the fire. Arguably cattail head is also wonderful tinder, but given how OP cattail plants are atm IMHO I wouldn't give them the +5% chance. Finally, Old man's beard is wonderful tinder as well, which is why I am puzzled why it can't be used as tinder despite being in the game for so long. Would totally love to see the beard be a +5% tinder on top of being a medication item.

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I appreciate the upvotes and support, and thank you for being positive.

Admittedly I get a little nervous when I post an idea, because I never do so with the intention of starting an argument or getting in a fight. Occasionally that occurs and it can be frustrating and saddening.

So thanks again!

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