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    The cannery wolf

    I love this idea. It does run completely counter to the main premise of the "lonely apocalypse" and would take a lot of work to introduce; either of which mean this will probably never happen, but I still really like it. I've wanted some sort of dependent (animal or child) to care for for years. I still doubt that it'll happen though.
  2. I think this is a simple mix up by the programmers. I hadn't noticed the names being the wrong way around but I already sent in a bug report for the strange entry on the washed out trailer. You should send this in to them using the bug report page. Nice work spotting the discrepancy in names.
  3. Huh, every time I got there I have a flock of them on the pond. Disrupts my peace enough that I'd be willing to have them in return for the table. Though I do have to agree that the Timberwolves are a major pain and enough to keep me away from an area which might otherwise be idyllic. Where did you get that from? The two notes I found there were by an random employee and a technician which would seem to indicate it was still being at least babysat by company people at the time.
  4. I agree completely that it was meant to be hard to get to, and had actually considered the Mountaineering hut myself but thought it made less sense that mountaineers would have one than hunters. Perhaps a pack of Timberwolves near the lodge to replace its current wolf population? Or some other new predator. That said I also considered that if the milling machine went to the machine shop then we probably wouldn't also want the ammo crafting in BR or it would become an over powered area. TWM would be good to draw people there, or maybe the Ricken in DP to bring us back there.
  5. I know these things have been talked about before but I thought I would consolidate them here. As much as I like the new cannery it doesn't make sense to me for the ammunition crafting table and the milling machine to be present here, but I recognise the need for something special to justify the cannery. So what I'm proposing is this: first off move the ammunition crafting somewhere which makes more sense like the basement of the hunting lodge, likewise move the milling machine somewhere that it would fit like the maintinance shed. Secondly the community has been wanting a means of preserving meat/fish for AGES and the cannery is the perfect place to house salt on an industrial level. They already have the fish processing sinks, just throw an open sack of salt on it and give it a preserving mechanic. For good messure pack a corner of the room with sacks of salt to explain the unending supply.
  6. Fitz

    Improved Mapping

    I am pretty compulsive about my mapping and take great joy in mapping every catail, rosehip, ect before I collect it, while also clearing up carcasses before mapping so they don't clutter up my map. Contrary, I know. I'm weird, alright? But anyway, what I would really like to see is collected resources becoming smudged and faded. For plants enough so you can still see what it was but also know that you got that one already, or in the case of carcasses evetually fading out completely. I mean I'd totally make a note of where the other 5kg of deer meat is so I can come back after dropping my current load back at my base, but at the same time I would probably try to rub it out afterwards so I don't confuse it with the next hunt. And sinse things don't regrow it's not like I'm keeping track of where things are for next season, so I would totally be crossing off the different catail groups as I collected them across Forlorn Muskeg in the hopes of not missing any. It would also be neat to be able to cross out structures manually, for example after you've broken down everything inside.
  7. Fitz


    As well as this practical reason it also makes sense from a quality of life standpoint. It would be nice to be able to put the dead to rest as you travelled around the world. Plus, nothing like a grisly reminder of your ultimate fate every time you go past it to keep your mood high, right? I know that I'd be inclined to either bury or cremate any poor sods I found frozen in the wild if I were living TLD. We are an emapthetic species and proper disposal of our dead is a pretty fundamental urge.
  8. Fish actually breath by pumping water across their gills to draw dissolved oxygen out of the water itself; they can't breath air. But your point about being drawn to the open hole stands, as some would be drawn by the possibility of insects, and others by the greater amount of photosynthetic diatoms that the extra sunlight would allow to prosper.
  9. Fitz

    Cattail Roots

    You sure about this? Cause I played hundreds of days and returned to find that they hadn't. Granted that was before Cartographer so maybe changed then. Also I am definitely all for needle and bark teas. These would be a very worthwhile addition.
  10. I like this idea a lot, but I'm not such a fan of the idea of being able to fill your pockets. Instead I think you should just take your activated item. And before you can haul other items again you either have to retrieve your backpack or make a new one. This would be a good way of placing emergency caches around the world.
  11. Fitz

    Cattail Roots

    Love this. Would also be good for making new vests when they add more crafted clothing items. As for this I did some research before I posted here. A clump of cattails can provide well over 5kg worth of root with about an hour's work [Source]. So digging a small access hole to reach the water/mud and roots underneath may be well worth the time and effort.
  12. Fitz

    Cattail Roots

    I'm sure this has been brought up before, but I would love to see cattail roots implemented. They're a good source of food in survival situations and we already have the cattail plants spread through the world. I would propose that they require an investment of time (hour or two) but produce a large amount of root. The quality would be higher than stalks, and improve even more with cooking (as the starch is harder to break down uncooked). As the roots grow below surface, it would require breaking ice like at a fishing hole and would also results in wet gloves/pants/boots.
  13. Fitz


    I am also in favor of smoking/drying/preserving meat. There have been discussions of it before, see this topic to look at some of the other ideas around it. Personally I would love to see curing sheds added in to the current maps at fitting locations like the Fishing Camp and Trapper's Homestead. I could also get behind building makeshift drying racks over campfires.
  14. Fitz

    rabbit stew

    Well, you got me there! I tip my hat to you sir.