Favourite comebacks to your character's lines..


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I suspect a lot of us tend to carry on conversations with our in-game character. Fortunately (hopefully?), generally only as responses to the things they say.


A couple of mine..

"I don't think I can carry much more..." - Hey, I've been carrying you since the beginning.. how about you get on with the grunt work, and leave the thinking to me?

"Here I am, surrounded by snow, and nothing to drink." - Here I am, surrounded by an idiot.. there's 3 litres in your pack.. here, have some and shut up.


What comebacks do you like to use with your characters?

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3 hours ago, Renegade30 said:

I put on my best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice and say 'Stop being such a p***y!' or 'Stop Whining!'. When I get attacked by a wolf and it runs off bleeding I say 'If it bleeds we can kill it'.

Don't forget Arnie's favorite while governor: "Girlie Man"

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