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  1. I don't remember where to find it, but Hinterland did have a laundry list of game features they had planned to do, and they've been sticking to it pretty well so far. One of the features seemed to refer to character model in first person mode, where you'd likely see your own feet besides footprints appearing out of nowhere. I'd imagine that would include the clothing your character currently wearing as opposed to the placeholder hands we seem to have now. It won't hurt to show support for such a feature all the same, though, as there is no guarantee that all features in a dev laundry list are going to happen.
  2. The worst part was when she would just walk down that corridor and right past you as she sometimes did. Downright felt....ghostly, and then threw all conception on where you were to find her out the window. Even with her moved on now, I still don't trust Carter Dam. Scares the hoozits from me.
  3. Early in my experience, I went out to Mystery Lake to explore the huts and far cabins. I was not paying attention and very quickly got caught by the sun going down. I found my way to a fishing hut with a door, waiting out the wolf that was staking me out. The wolf seemed to get discouraged and wandered away, and I took that as a good cue to strike out for the Camp Office. I popped a flare and ran for it, hearing the wolves howling, really getting my heart beating. And then out of nowhere a deer comes into the light running right at me. How I managed not to throw my mouse across the room with my hands going into the air I do not know. I immediately went to the menu and then just quit from there. My worst scare was triggered by a deer. Go me.
  4. Encountered that for the first time just the other day, on the first night of the new playthrough! Was in the Maintenance Yard in Broken Railroad. Was warming myself at the fire barrel when the wires started lighting up, one of them only about two feet away! I think my biggest fear is getting lost in a mine. A couple of them at the least are rather convoluted, and the wrong turn can cost a lot of time.
  5. Seems like a good time to blow some dust off of this one: Be a Bandit Challenge. For when the Quiet Apocalypse is BEING WAY TOO QUIET!
  6. Halloween is only a couple months away. Let's not be giving the devs ideas that will result in our losing our self-control.
  7. Firelogs have feelings, too. They see you pass over them for the fir, cedar, and sticks. Just because you want things like "warmth" and "duration" you think firelogs aren't special. #FirelogToo
  8. @ThePancakeLady - Not being told how you have to play the game. Yes, Yes, So much yes. I can't iterate enough how tired I am of blowhards who have that one way and they have to tell everyone about it like it came from the Bible or Quran. - The ambient audio, the little sounds ... that make your hair stand up on end and make you wish you stayed in the cabin you just left ten seconds before. Just last night in Coastal Highway after stocking up on what I could, I would head on out and work my gradual way to the new region. I am hugging the hills to avoid wolves, and see some crows. I figure a bit more loot on the way out would be great. Halfway up I start to hear something else and not sure if it's my footsteps or the AC in my room. I stop and immediately figure it to be footsteps, or pawsteps. They aren't loud so I figure it's a wolf and give it a bit of time to maybe walk away. Only they get louder, and over the rise appears a bear. My heart immediately goes up into my neck the same time the bear stops upon seeing me. I turn around and start walking, and look behind to see the bear has proceeded to follow. Not running, but it was heading for me. This is when I decide it might be good to actually run. This is when I discover I got a bit too loot-happy and I am unable to run. Coincidentally, this is also when I begin to feel the need to go to the bathroom. Happily, the bear was satisfied that I did leave when I did and did not pursue me. Sadly, as soon as I was sure the bear was not ready to take a bite out of my butt, I dropped some items that I was planning on breaking down later. Wasn't about to make it easy for a wolf to jump me. All that being said, I wouldn't have passed up that experience for the world. - The music Such beautiful chords that bring such life to the world. They, too, managed to raise my tension level as the game decided that right after I play with a radio, during the day, it should start playing a track of music. The timing was way too perfect and had me way jumpy. This happened before the above-mentioned bear encounter, to boot, which might have helped me as I was being very watchful with as nervous as I was. Sums up the look of my character by the time I signed off for the night. Love this game. It gets me on edge almost as much as Alien Isolation does, but A:I doesn't give me as wide range of choice which adds to the fear factor there.
  9. That's Pleasant Valley for you. It's about the worst of all the regions for weather. You are most likely to get blizzards and such there. I've heard players say it was a relief to get into TWM if just for the weather lightening up.
  10. They're just excited for the next season. Go Chicago!
  11. My first time encountering the church I found it in the pitchest of darks. There weren't even stars out at the time and I was certain I was completely lost and was going to die. But there it emerged out of the pitch. Best.Feeling.Ever.
  12. After being trapped in the dam for so long, Fluffy probably came out more cranky than a disturbed hornet's nest and decided she was either going to be Top Dog of her new domain or nobody was going to be. Or...she escaped the dam, got taken into a new pack which went to the valley, and one night while she was scouting outside something went in and killed the pack. That would make you a top suspect if you wandered in there.
  13. First and only time thus far shooting down a bear, was from the back porch of Pleasant Valley Farmhouse and it took me 4 shots and the dang bear actually managing to get at me through the door once. Yes, I was a coward and used the door to the porch to deter the bear, but one time I closed it a moment too late.
  14. Makes me wonder if the Mysterious Signal Fires are the Hushed River Valley equivalent of prepper caches. I haven't been to HRV yet, but I do get the impression the signal fires are not easy to get to.
  15. Just encountered that fog tonight traveling in Mountain Town, exploring out from the Barker Farm. Seeing the old church emerge from green fog is not something I want to often repeat. Creepy as heck.