Arrow just out of reach :(


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I wouldn't necessarily call it a bug, but its frustrating and maybe immersion breaking.

I chased a deer up the railroad tracks from ML Carter Dam toward the Ravine.  It seemed like a good strategy as the deer wants to come back to ML and is in a confined space, making for an easy shot.  The trouble is that any shot arrows that enter the 'Leaving Mystery Lake' zone are irretrievable.  You can see them laying there, but as you approach to pick them up you teleport to the Ravine. :(

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Chalk it up under the risks of taking a shot with your bow.  Something like that should compel you to either be absolutely certain of your shot, or wait for the better shot if the deer bounds in another direction.

Look at it this way, if you came across a deer standing on a cliff edge, say at Signal Hill in Pleasant Valley, and you had full advantage in that the deer had not detected you yet, how likely would you be to take a shot, knowing if you missed that arrow would be history?  Unless I had a decent stash of arrows, my answer would definitely be not a chance.

One can imagine any number of reasons why that arrow might legitimately be lost outside of it being a region junction.  I would suggest appreciate the hazard that exists to your arrow supply, and allow for it. Find a way to get the deer to be somewhere else.

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