Wet Logs


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When logs are left on the ground outside they absorb moisture. So it would make sense when you pick up dead wood from the ground if it carried moisture that made it harder to light fires. You could dry logs by placing them close to fires and then storing them inside or somewhere off the ground (a shelf, table, etc.) 

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On 7/21/2017 at 8:52 AM, Scallysnix said:

I love that idea! But what if you were in a situation, say in muskeg, where there is no shelter (essentially). It is still a game, and still needs to be balanced and fair.

This could easily be overcome by carrying or storing at key locations one or two dry logs or sticks to start a fire with and then drying freshly harvested logs near the fire, possibly needing to put some of the earlier ones in the fire still damp.

Perhaps logs like this could give slightly less of a heat increase when used (due to the heat absorption of the water within the wood). Personally I love this idea, it does fit with the overall feel of the game and would add some more depth with players having to manage their wood supplies similarly to clothing and food.

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