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  1. Yeah, I used the gun skill as an example. The game shouldn't require you shoot your prey a number of times, but rather make it a matter of where you shoot. I just really like progression in my games. It's why I love Dark Souls, it's why I LOVE New Vegas, and it's why I love The Long Dark. All these games have VERY different styles of progression, I'm suggesting we mix and match em', which in all honesty is probably a terrible idea.
  2. Scallysnix

    New corpse

    I woner if we could take this further, and have a dark soulsy type server and have the equivalent of bloodstains.
  3. Scallysnix

    Wet Logs

    I love that idea! But what if you were in a situation, say in muskeg, where there is no shelter (essentially). It is still a game, and still needs to be balanced and fair.
  4. Scallysnix

    Saving mode

    I would not play the game if I could just save.
  5. Well, first keep in mind the setting. A post apocalyptic wilderness. Personally, I believe the sandbox mode is meant for the player to decide their objectives. But a decent idea!
  6. I'm not entirely sure how familiar the Long Dark community is with Fallout, but in New Vegas, the player can choose from an array of about 20 skills. All these skills range from 1-100 in terms of points, and each one had an individual purpose and tangible results in game. For example, leveling up your "guns" skill would result in better hitscan results (more accuracy) and an increase in damage with weapons falling under the "guns" subsect. Another example would be stat checks. An easy level lock needed a lockpicking skill of 25, and only after that skill is at 25 will it be possible to even attampt that lock. I'm not entirly sure how well it would translate into a game like The Long Dark, as it would go against the original idea of it. That being to create an experience rather than a video game. However, maybe it could be toggleable among other things. I personally adore progression systems, it is why I love New Vegas, and I could see myself experimenting for days.