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    Wet Logs

    When logs are left on the ground outside they absorb moisture. So it would make sense when you pick up dead wood from the ground if it carried moisture that made it harder to light fires. You could dry logs by placing them close to fires and then storing them inside or somewhere off the ground (a shelf, table, etc.)
  2. NStats

    Saving mode

    I agree with keeping permadeath as it makes the game more difficult, but a save system would be nice so I would not need to enter buildings to save, as they can be in short supply at times. I always like the skyrim/fallout save system where you save any time from the pause menu and load at the exact state.
  3. NStats

    Reloading Bench

    I meant the work bench
  4. Yeah but I wish the game had proper kill shots in the heart and lungs, typically deer keep running even after (due to a sudden surge of adrenaline in their blood, it crazy really. I shot a deer in the heart which actually destroyed almost the entire heart but it just took off, I found it later.) Although a double lung almost always puts them down fast because their lungs fill with blood and they can't breathe, it sounds cruel but it is a lot faster and less painful than bleeding to death from the femoral or liver.
  5. NStats

    Foot Hold Traps

    That would actually be great. The only issue would be you would have to make a peg leg... better have some fir or cedar lying around for that.
  6. NStats

    Reloading Bench

    With bullets being so scarce in the game and in late game after you shoot them all I think it would be clever to be able to reuse them... to an extent. After each shot, the player would get a rifle casing in their inventory. It would have weight and a condition as casings eventually are worn out from use (after like 3-4 uses depending on the casing). The player would need to find the rest of the components (primer, powder, bullet) and a reloading bench to use. Then, just like any other crafting, combine materials and use time to reload the bullets. Components would be rare but not unfindable and usually in larger quantities than whole cartridges. The reloading press could fit on the reloading bench and require one of the tool boxes to actually craft.
  7. So, snaring is a good way to get rabbits in the game, but I think hunting them is more fun. The bow is cool but I find it difficult to use and because I need a forge to make arrowheads I think there should be another to hunt them. The .303 is way overkill so I propose a new gun. Either a .22 lr, .410 bore, or pellet rifle would work well. I think the .22 or 410 would be best as the pellet seems a little weak. Either gun could be used (again not the pellet though) for more game besides rabbits. The .410 would work for the crows/ravens and the .22 while not super great might have some luck on a deer or wolf. A .22 mag or hornet would work better probably for that. If the shotgun was a 12 gauge you could add slugs or buckshot for big game. Anyway, .22 bullets are often sold in bulk meaning they would work even better for rabbits as ammo would be easier to find allowing multiple shots for misses or several kills.
  8. NStats

    Foot Hold Traps

    I think it would be a good idea to add foothold traps. You could lay them out by where wolves would be with bait and catch wolves (you still have to shoot them though). Maybe there could be a bear trap too. I know they (bear traps, not all foot holds) are illegal now, but it is also illegal to shoot multiple wolves, rabbits, bears, and deer without a license so a bear trap doesn't seem ridiculous. In any case, maybe add coyote urine as an attractant to help catch wolves or other baits. Urine (yeah it's disgusting) is used to draw in animals to traps as they find the scent weird (especially wolves, coyotes, fox, bobcats, etc.) in their territory and investigate. Anyway, what does everybody think?
  9. I like this idea a lot. The foxes could eat rabbits for the player to scavenge, and maybe the pelts could be used for some clothes.
  10. The scope would be a good idea, however, Lee Enfields are loaded from the top directly into the action. This would mean a scope would block the action and prevent any loading of bullets. There is a scope mount designed for rifles like these but it looks kind of goofy because the scope is held off the left of the rifle. As for the rest of the attachments, Lee's were made back before world war 1 meaning they don't have a rail for lasers and an infrared scope would be weird i think... although duct tape would do the job (what can't it do?). Bayonets are definitely a possibility but I don't see the point as you won't be going across no man's land. Though it would be cool to charge a wolf.