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I'm no pro at this game. 11 attempts and 36 hours played according to Steam; the furthest I've made it to is day 5 or 6. Some of that is due to me really trying to find all the places on the map, survival be darned. Some of it is due to me learning the in's and out's of the game mechanics. The remainder I attribute to the PC gamer goddesses: those cruel wench harpies that find their ecstasy in my agonizing torment in The Long Dark attempts.

Anyway, today I started a new attempt. I was picking up some steam...went to Trapper's Homestead right off, and unlike the last play through--which I abandoned--found a rifle, looking glass, knife, and various other goods.

On Day Two I found the bunker and some excellent clothing. I left most of the rest as I couldn't carry it all back.

I was feeling good about this one. I should have known this as a warning sign that fates were getting their juices flowing in order to give me a really good working over.

I kinda goofed on Day Three. I wasn't yet rested enough to move from my base at Camp Office out to the dam. So I ended up walking out there, getting winded as I searched, reloading my save and walking back. I got tired right before returning to base. In fact, a wolf attacked me 10 meters from the door, and since my endurance was tanked, I couldn't sprint to the door. As I was already food poisoned from (s) some nasty and what should have been obviously putrid, rancid, maggoty 88% wolf meat (/s) that had been cooked 6 hours ago (see ranting and raving in another thread), I spent most of the evening and night recovering to 30% condition and breaking the doomsday food poisoning.

I woke up, had a snack, and something must have smelled the snack on my breath as I stepped outside because it was IMMEDIATE:

06:58 Ate Wolf Meat (Cooked).
07:21 Wolf attack!
07:21 Experiencing significant blood loss.
07:21 At risk for infected wound.
07:22 You died from loss of blood and shock from a wolf attack

I couldn't help but laugh and come here to write it up. I'll getchya one day, evil wench harpies. :lol:

Then I respawned and noted that it was driving snow and -35C. Do not taunt the fates. They hear all. :shock: :o:( :evil:

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I don't remember my gameplay hours but i'm in your same situation, visited all the map, find also one time the bunker and my record is..6 days. What i understand looking at the forum is that i'm playing it wrong..or..i play it in my manner.

I love explore and continue to move. This was great for the first 5-10 attempt but soon i noticed that the map is not so big and in 5 days you can go in all the main location. Now..people who survive 10 to 50 and more days play the game in other medot. Stay in the same place for long time, go out only for haunt, return, cook, boil ecc ecc.

I don't know if it's the kind of gameplay that creators have in their mind or if is only a gameplay found by players to survive more. But for me it can be very boring so i prefear continue to explore and move, and probably i will wait the next map.

Really don't understend more than 30 minutes dooing the same things..sure not for 3 or 10 hours only for a badge!

After that for me there is also a problem about save..before to understand that you can reload a game when you want..for me the game was totally different..i had always fear and emotion was very high. I save just before to stop gaming. And when near to die i was continuing to play untill the end..

After i discovered..that esc and load works always..not very happy of it.

Small map and this easy save game kill the survival feeling of the first days

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