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  1. As I said, I am on the fence. With trophies, they could be disabled for permadeath toggled OFF, considered a sort of cheat, but to help people like me who just binge played eight hours to get wiped out in a moment of indecision or bad luck.
  2. Why not make permadeath a toggle, such as the godsend CTS toggle? Then everyone can play the game according to their own desires. I am kind of on the fence about permadeath since in the last week I have made a slight mistake twice on a medium mode game and died both times.
  3. oversoul

    Harvest or Not

    The term "harvest" does seem weird, when you are scrapping an item or recycling it.
  4. oversoul


    Thanks for this tip. Not very obvious, even for a veteran of dying in the cold dark. O_O
  5. Myself and my sack of throwin' rocks are ready!
  6. Great work team. I really enjoy chasing Mister Bunny with rocks in hand. Haha!
  7. This one is very minor: I started a new sandbox game on Medium. I noticed that in the journal, under skills, there's some effect when you hover the mouse over the image related to the skill, and it dims. You can click on it. Then when you select a new skill, for example "Ice Fishing" after "Carcass Harvesting," when you roll back over the image, you get the deer carcass picture again. Just a weird behavior I wanted to report. P.S. Carry on with Story Mode. I have plenty of frozen agony to hold me over while it is polished by your fine team of renegade developers. Who are you people... releasing $10 games that I would pay $35 for? You rogues...
  8. The test branch forum requires a password, and since I am forbidden to ask for it here, I definitely won't. Even though I am playing it at the moment.
  9. I was desperately trying to RTB to quonset hut while playing the blizzard challenge. I was freezing to death at about 8% condition and 10 yards from hut door when a wolf runs up from the right and touched me to death. I don't think I had even got off one knife swing while submitting to the end game. I respawned a new blizzard challenge, and the knife was floating on the screen in my field of view.
  10. Looks... interesting. I can't wait to poop my pants from bear stalker. O_O Great work guys. Validating the crowd funded game revolution one excellent update at a time.
  11. Rome wasn't built in a day. Take your time Hinterlands team and know that a legion of patient survivors is behind you 100%.
  12. That I can no longer make arrowheads at the crafting table. That I have to travel all the way to Desolation whatsit with my 5 pound hammer. lame
  13. excitement intensifies! "Deep Forest" was/is amazing, it has hooked me into the game again. 40+ hours in last two weeks.
  14. Guys, thank you all so much for all this excellent info! I was wondering why my gloves and hat were wearing out faster than a... well I was just wondering. ^^^ venturing into OT mode, I would say a fast travel mechanism to already explored huts or waypoints would tighten those game runs up.