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  1. Nope, you are right, most certainly is a bug. Same as the other floating cabin.
  2. Aww and I missed it. The great Rabbit of Caerbannog and it was fixed before I had the opportunity to slay the beast, so yes, sadly.
  3. I think this may be a bug, so next time you encounter something where you are not sure whether it is a bug, simply post it in the Alpha Bug Forum, if it's not a bug, admins will move your topic to another section. Probably you can get risk of infection and infection at the same time, but they both prevent each other from being resolved. I will try to replicate this, but your description should actually be enough for the devs to have a look at that.
  4. Trandor


    Well a simple double tap on W that, like is common practice in a lot of other games sure would be useful.
  5. Sure it may be easier, but then again, it would be even easier to simply give a decreased food poisoning chance and reduce the cold bar. Cold bar and calorie use are loosely tied as well, so reducing the cold bar quicker would also reflect the higher caloric intake you're speaking of.
  6. As far as I know he's still there, but has received a decreased spawn rate. The devs use wolves to protect good loot spots, so a high density in good loot will have more wolves in the surrounding area. Besides: They couldn't simply remove Fluffy from the game completely, people would start riots here on the forum to bring em back.
  7. I doubt there will be any element where stalking would be a good idea. You can approach deer already when crouching and moving slowly, so I don't think there will be any further improvement on that.
  8. Well obviously you are falling into the same traps every new player does. And you're paying the price for it (death), much like everyone else. The mechanics aren't really explained, although for me they were pretty much intuitive. The reason your condition didn't improve is because you went to sleep when hungry or thirsty, maybe even cold. Your condition only improves during sleep when your status bars are low, or at least not at their max. Your hunger goes up at double speed when you are either running a lot or carrying a lot of stuff, which is pretty common for new players or players of games like Fallout, where you basically run everywhere at all times and you take 5 ashtrys along simply because they are sitting there. This will not work here, you will need to take along only the barest minimum of stuff, otherwise you will be encumbered. Which in turn will raise your hunger and fatigue bars fairly quickly. You are dying from starvation and thirst because your condition is already low and you go to sleep for many hours when your thirst or hunger are already almost maxxed. THirst will do you in fairly quickly, as will hunger if you don't tend to it. So before you go to sleep, eat something, drink a liter of water and you should do just fine. Also: don't sleep for more than 8h at a time,it won't do you any good. At the time, there will be good stuff in similar locations, but there's always different loot in the containers, so there's always a random element. But what you are looking at is the first public alpha sandbox of this game. Not the finished story mode. So while there may not be as much things to do or discover as you'd like, you have to see that this is not nearly the finished game. And if you expected that from an early access game, then you are clearly mistaken. I do hope though that you keep on playing and see that this game is not simply about babysitting your status bar, but gives you plenty of opportunities to explore and hunt. It may just take a while to get into it.
  9. Nice climb there. Always awesome to see I'm not the only one climbing around in the outskirts. Now here's your next task for exploring: Find a way to the secret house below the coastal map.
  10. 1/2/4. These issues have already been solved, such as wolf populations. The hotfix brought them back to reasonable levels (at least reasonable to play against and to avoid). Also the fatigue was adjusted in the hotfix. 3. Sewing kits are everywhere indeed, I tend to find more sewing kits in first aid containers than bandages or other useful stuff. This should be adjusted, or at least we need more opportunities to make use of the kits. 5. I have found rifles in two locations, one on a corpse, although I don't really remember where and one in the abandoned lookout. And I'm sure there will be one or two more spawnpoints somewhere on the map. And I don't agree there should be more rifles. It won't do you any good unless there was also more ammo. 7. As you may have seen in the patch notes, tools will degrade much slower now, thus they will be much less likely to be found in a random container. You will have to find the spawns where they can always be found and then maintain them. I quite like not finding 5 prybars in one playthrough anymore. 8. Good idea, provided there's not that much wiring around. Having "unlimited" snares would also defeat the purpose. 10. You can adjust your field of view in the options, I usually set it to 90, that way you see somewhat more. I highly disagree though that we need a 3rd person view. It is precisely the first person view that makes this game so enjoyable.
  11. Size of building interior/exterior cell mismatch It doesn't bother me as much as it does you, so I don't mind. If it can be adapted, sure, go for it. But if they don't, then won't be bothered by that. Repetition of loot Yes I agree. And I've made a thread about it before here: Locations used multiple times But you are wrong on one thing: they do share interiors across maps. At least I have entered the trailers and names (Names can be seen by enabling debug mode) and loot were exactly the same on both maps. This continues to be a point that I highly dislike, but apparently this cannot be helped right now. Stoves I don't mind there not being stoves everywhere. I think if anything, there should be a small gas stove added, instead of making only stoves randomized. Then again, what I'd most like to see is randomized interiors with randomized loot containers in them. So if this were to be implemented, your suggestion would be included as well.
  12. Well either you were horribly unlucky or they changed something about the chances of getting food poisoning from eating wolf meat, although I have to say that even in previous versions I got food poisoning from eating MREs at 95% condition. So condition should only indicate that it's unlikely you get food poisoning, not impossible.
  13. A transfer all button would sure be handy. I concur, I never drop all my things at the entrance, rather I find a place that I use as a base and leave everything behind that I don't need in the next 5h ingame hours and gather from other houses what I need and carry it back to my base.
  14. Well that would make it unrealistic for one, because wolves do not actively chase humans. Not being able to fight them with your bare hands would make it impossible to survive if you encounter them when you have not found a rifle or used up all your ammo. That would be highly unsatisfactory. You would certainly be dead then, since if you make them faster, you can no longer outrun the wolves. Additionally, with no predator respawn on a map, you can live indefinetely once you cleared them out. This would make it pretty boring if you think about it. So no, that's not a good idea at all in my opinion.
  15. Minor improvements: - The ability to unload the rifle has been brought up before, and I think the devs already responded to that, so I guess we will see that in a future update. - I still disagree with the need for more bags, backpacks or anything of the likes. 30kg in one bag on your back is enough. I could use more, but I don't think it's realistic that you can run around at a reasonable pace with more on your back. If that were the maximum you can carry and you add smaller backpacks, okay, maybe, but then it would be horrible at the start when you only have a small backpack and can carry merely 5kg. - I haven't experimented with snares yet, so I can't really tell anything about them, other than that they work. - If you do sprain your ankle, then you should definitely change your ways of running around. Here's how you barely ever get sprained ankles: 1. Walk in the direction you are looking (use only W to move around). 2. Keep your head down when walking on uneven ground ( keep your head always at a slightly downward angle). 3. When going downhill, look at your feet and don't run. Easy as pie. I hardly ever get sprained ankles, by simply doing what I would do in real life as well. - Good idea of color coding the items, but I would recommend not using colors that are dark in order to maintain readability, so I would make em light green, light yellow, light red. Down the road: - I agree on the wolves, but right now they are needed. How things are in the finished games will remain to be seen. - Seconded on the variety. More different objects to be found would make it more interesting to scavenge around. Although I have to say, that they are on a good path. - Clothing damage from wolves seems like a good idea, I've brought that up myself quite a while ago. I don't think though, that having them damaged from falling, burns or simply at random would be enjoyable for the players to play and it would take some time to implement for the devs to do. - A hardcore map, I think you will find that somewhere in the maps that are to come, there will be such a map. I doubt the devs will always be so kind as to give as maps that we can go and take a nap in the local hut. - I doubt that felling trees will be possible, at least not the way the map is set up now and the way trees are implemented now. It sure would be interesting, but I think that will be something that we likely won't see in the future. - The learning of skills should in my opinion not be improved by reading a book. I'd rather create it in a way, where you obtain new recipes in books, but only crafting the object will increase your skill. - Hmm... I agree with the replacing text through icons. But if you want the highest degree of immersion, you will simply turn your UI off. And that option is already in there. So you can rely on your character telling you how he/she is feeling, you don't need an UI at all. Working with lists can be tiresome, but through the sorting options I think that's the most efficient way to go about it, especially with by condition/weight options, this is really handy. - Never felt the need to do that, since I always imagine that my character has to set down his backpack, open it and look inside it to open the "menu". So keep moving while doing that seems illogical to me. And looking around while performing actions. I don't know about that. Mostly, my surroundings are not as interesting as what I'm doing in my inventory tbh. - Yeah, I would love a mapmaking ability including marks on the map. But something with a map is in the works, so maybe let's wait and see what the devs come up with. Nice suggestions, great to see another climber.